Stages of Procrastination

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Do you find yourself in impregnable walls of alarmingly close deadlines, overwhelming work, and nowhere to go? Read how procrastination victimises the minds, motivation, and lives!

One of the greatest arts a college student garners over the three-year period is of specialised time management. The term, for a collegiate, involves the regular juggling of assignments, internals, mid-semester exams, societies, internships, and probably a social life. As the pile of nothingness transforms into a maelstrom of chaotic work, one is bound to wonder what goes wrong every semester. What happens to our assiduously planned out schedules and hopes? What hinders our ‘sky is the limit’ ideology?  Ironically, we do. Or more precisely, procrastination does. The process commences with the building of a strong foundation of deception, goes on to inducing lethargy in our lives, and shines in the glory of stress and frustration. Accustom yourselves to the three-fold structure of the perturbing habit!

1. False Hopes and Security

As soon as work intrudes into our let’s-do-nothing-time, the will power squashed within us screams of every probable excuse for us to grant leave out of the mess which lies ahead of us. The humanistic instincts of self-consolation and self-deception comes into play and, thus begins a cycle of work minimisation and inaccurate hope feeding. From “I can finish the assignment in maximum two days, so let’s leave it till then” to “Internals ke pehele ek din padho, ho jayega,” it’s curious how the mind is in cahoots with our pit-low desire to succeed in life!

2. Laziness and Denial

To be fair to the likes of this world, laziness is an inherent trait of this generation. A confluence of incessant scrolling our Facebook feed, clicking puppy-snaps on Snapchat, and stalking year-old pictures on Instagram, our schedules always manage to be occupied. Our lackadaisical attitudes are the USP of our personalities, and this characteristic connects the next dots which form the base of procrastination. In our endeavour to be lazy, denial of truth is like the icing on the cake. Imagine a red devil on your shoulder, telling you to hide the bitter truths of assignments and tests in the deepest pits of your memory. The nerves in your brain churn out a vicious process of indolence, deniability, and severe delusion.

3. Crisis and Midnight Work-Management

The concept of deadlines is like the blaring sound of an alarm clock in the morning. It’s unappealing, stressful, and a symbol of incoming tragedy. By the rules of mathematics, the addition of laziness and self-deception gives a distraught sum of impending crisis. Assignments are often initiated post-midnight, get completed mere hours before the class, and are exceedingly proofread in sighs and close-calls. As the crisis becomes a re-occurring element in our lives, our midnight work duty calls begin to improve over time, till the extent one can write articles and ideas as the envoy of the entity called Procrastination.

Image Credits: Healthline

 Saumya Kalia

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