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Resolution 2017: Productivity Maximisation

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The winter slump can be a dangerous addition to our college lives, especially when we are already experts in the art of procrastination. It feels impossible to get out of our blankets for early (or any) morning classes, and we manage to come up with a number of justifications for our behaviour. However, the sad truth is that we must overcome these very real challenges in order to fulfill one of the most common new year resolutions – to be more productive.

Here are some tips to give your productivity a boost in 2017:

1.Get out of bed
Getting out of bed is the first (and possibly the most significant) hurdle we face this time of year. However, the only way to get work done is to get out of bed, and that is simply a mental determination that you must work on. Take it one day at a time, and start out slow. You’re allowed to skip a few morning classes initially, but get your body used to waking up in the cold by transitioning to waking up a little earlier each day. Practise makes perfect!

2.Switch it up
To be productive, it’s imperative to keep a track of all your different responsibilities. While some days can be wholly dedicated to one task such as cleaning your room or reorganising your bookshelf, it often gets difficult to maintain a steady level of productivity with a mundane lifestyle. Add some variety to your days by mixing up different small tasks to accomplish instead of sticking to one for a lengthy period. Also, look at new ways of completing these tasks. For example, if you come across an interesting topic in your college course, try watching some animated Youtube videos on the topic instead of reading a mundane Wikipedia article to enhance your knowledge.


3.Make a checklist
There is no greater satisfaction than striking off something on your to-do list. At the start of the day, or at the end of the previous one, make a list of what you plan to do that day. Having a list will give some direction to your day, and force you to face your responsibilities when they are written on a piece of paper or an electronic screen in front of you. Then, when you’ve taken care of a task, you can strike it off your list, and see the result of your hard work in tangible form. This is a great motivating factor to accomplishing even little mundane tasks such as responding to some emails.


Incorporate these strategies into your daily life bit by bit, and watch your life transform as you finally get around to completing all those tasks that you’d been putting off since the last year.

Vineeta Rana
[email protected]

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An enthusiastic Ravenclaw, Vineeta is a keen learner and does not shy away from expressing her opinions. Her passion for discussion around gender and sexuality is only matched by her passion for French fries and naps. To chat about these or just to say hi, email her at [email protected].

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