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Delhi University students protest against ban on Jallikattu

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On Friday students of University of Delhi gathered in front of Faculty of Arts building to register their protest against the ban on Jallikattu. The protest demonstration was organised by Delhi University Tamil Students Forum (DUTSF) around 11:30 am. Similar to the other protests, DUTSF also demanded an amendment in Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and ban on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

DU Beat contracted Delhi University Tamil Students Forum (DUTSF) for further insights regarding the issue. We asked Delhi University Tamil Students Forum (DUTSF) what they thought of the ordinance passed by the state that allows the ancient sport of Jallikattu? On this Subhash Chandra,co-coordinator of the demonstration said “Token of justice and injustice differs to a great extent. We see this ordinance as a way to suppress the dissent of people .Permanent solution can be achieved only by removing bull from the list of performing animals in section 22 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ACT.”

On being asked about the matter of animal cruelty that anti-Jallikattu lobby alleges and the singular argument of cultural relevance that many pro Jallikattu activists cite,  he advocated that the concern about cruelty committed against animals is welcome step but it can be achieved through regulation for example Tamil Nadu Jallikattu Regulation Act 2009 says there should  evaluation of bulls after the event and it permits Animal Welfare Board to video graph entire event (this event is held un constitutional by supreme court due to some procedural errors) these kind of acts can be passed. It’s not that the culture is the only reason to conduct an event, its a breeding science the bull which will be so fierce has good capacity to breed cow which which will make cow milk to be a2quality milk which is free from diabetes more over its an event of creating bond between humans and bull in such a way that to save from its extinction.”

Later addressing the accusations of online trolling of PETA members, Subhash asserted that they do not subscribe the harassment and believe in constructive criticism and protest.


Feature Image Credits: hindustan times


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