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Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai: The Great Indian TV Show

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A motley of real and relatable characters unfolds the craziness which resides in every household; explore what makes this show firmly lodged in our memories till date!

The Indian daily soaps often tend to fall back to a formulaic way of narration: larger than life characters, twists as complicated as a jalebi, and a superfluous confluence of emotions and drama. The one show which defied the anticipated trajectory of a sitcom within the realms of Indian television was of a Gujarati family within a family; both often at comic odds with each other, thus forming the crust of the story. With the Instagram announcement that Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai will be returning for a web-series after ten years, our hearts were re-ignited with the incandescent joy one can only experience after obtaining a content dose of the Sarabhais.

The title itself induces the involuntary humming of the theme song, highlighting their quirks and comedic conflicts. From “Sophistication inki surname hai” to “Zuba se oh my-my yeh kitne pyaare hai,” we were roped in to witness the life and times of the Sarabhai clan and their extended family. Interestingly and fortunately, the show’s story became its USP; for it broke away from the traditional portrayal of a fictional family and connected with the mind-set of a real family. The idyllic sanskari parivaar where the blowing off the flame of a diya signified an incoming tragedy (categorically middle class, we tell you!) was left leaps behind to pave the way for some much-needed reality checks.

Breaking away from the norms of the stock characters, the Sarabhais are a bundle of laughter with their baggage of eccentricities. From Maya’s incessant Monisha bashing and middle class comments to Indravadhan’s knack for stirring up trouble in the household which is always on the brim of chaos, their quirks became the source of some brilliant slapstick comedy. Add to this equation the Momma-ness of Rosesh who is determined to ruin the art of poetry with his oh-so-unique kavitas; one is bound to enjoy the laughter that ensues. The latter titular Sarabhai family brings with it a couple who thrives on their polarities. Monisha shines as the scrooge with her lackadaisical attitude to anything and everything, and is the not-so-perfect bahu who is certainly more entertaining than the show, Uska Pati Sirf Mera Hai. Complementing her is the always neutral husband Sahil; a doctor forever caught between striking a balance between his wife and mother. Put together the members of this dysfunctional memory, and one is assured to be presented with a sitcom which provides all shades of amusement!

Until the show returns to laptops near us, here’s a Rosesh Sarabhai poem to illuminate your life:

Sone jaisa rang hai tera, aakhe jaise moti, 
Laash jaisi dikhti hai jab khuli aankh se soti 
Machli bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu kissi de do choti choti!


Feature Image: India West


Saumya Kalia

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