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DU to hire 4000 new teachers on a permanent basis in 2017

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Delhi University has announced that 4000 new teachers will be hired on a permanent basis in 2017. Officials have agreed on holding of a regular selection process, but ad-hocs demand for absorption.

Delhi University is set to hire 4000 new teachers on a permanent basis in 2017. The Delhi High Court has been informed that advertisements for the same will be issued starting this month.
According to the HRD Ministry, in a meeting held with the Ministry, the University Grants Commission and Delhi University, it was “agreed” that “holding of regular selection process, in accordance with the rules and norms laid down in this behalf, is not only an imperative but is also beneficial — both for the student community as well as the teachers themselves.”
However, the ad-hoc teachers have demanded “absorption” as they say that the appointment and promotion rules adopted by the University’s statutory body are against them. Almost 4000 teachers are still serving on an ad-hoc basis as there have been no formal appointments in the University since 2006.
By the process of absorption, the ad-hoc teachers want to be made permanent in the departments/colleges that they have been teaching in. According to the Hindustan Times, a professor from Rajdhani College maintained, “All ad-hoc teachers have been employed as per the laid down selection process of appointment. The service of these teachers is reviewed after every four months. So there is no need to test again in the name of permanent appointment process.”
Teachers from across the varsity will be mobilised in January so as to take the plea for “absorption” to the President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. They had also written to the President earlier highlighting the problems they face.
Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

With inputs from Indian Express and Hindustan Times

Swareena Gurung
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