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The Wacky ‘Days’ of January

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Kick off the first month by commemorating some unusual-yet-relatable Days approved by and throughout the world with this guide!

We’ve all heard and celebrated the multitude of highlight festivals and National Days of this country; from absorbing the patriotism on Independence and Republic Day to revel in the happiness of your birthday, we’ve all been there and done that. Keeping up with infusing degrees of ‘new’ in this New Year, start off the opening month of 2017 with ‘Days’ which are on the verge of sounding made-up but have been stamped authentic by the calendar!

3rd January- Festival of Sleep Day

Commencing the New Year with an activity desired and treasured by all, The Festival of Sleep Day seeks to grant 24 hours devoted to catching up on sleep after the merriment and sometimes daunting activities of the December holidays. This unusual yet enticing holiday sets out to celebrate in the Sweet Land of Sleep!

4th January- Trivia Day

Succeeding the hype of the popular culture game, Trivial Pursuit, January 4th pursues the likes of curious minds who are fascinated with the nitty-gritty of general knowledge. The festival can be played with friends and family alike; endeavouring to bring to light little-known facts about anything and everything all around the world!

7th January- Old Rock Day

Following the second connotative meaning of the word ‘rock’ here, Old Rock Day is a celebration for Geologists and rock enthusiasts who want to delve deep into this field of Geology. From fossilised articles to stones, everything ‘rocky’ becomes their object of fascination. It is widely speculated that the origin of this day is centred around the actions of The Flintstones family!


8th January- Secret Pal Day

A derivative of Friendship’s Day perhaps, Secret Pal Day aims to celebrate friendship and its many shades. One can embrace the day with reaching out to long lost friends, spending the day with ones you treasure, and feel the warmth of a beautiful friendship!

11th January- Make Your Dreams Come True Day

We live to dream and dream to live. Every day our hearts are invigorated with a genuine desire to work towards something we aspire to, thus forming a pivotal crust of ourselves. This day pushes you to go that extra mile for transcending your vision into reality; from talking to someone who inspired you to getting started with a project, this is vast territory!

15th January- Hat Day

This one will be a personal favourite of the Mad Hatter. From internalising a sense of power to complementing the range of your dress and providing protection from the extreme weather; hats are a wonder accessory to spring your personality to life, so pick out and wear a hat this day which screams you!

16th January- National Nothing Day

A day of sitting idle intellectually is one of the dreams, and the Americans seem to have carved a National Nothing Day to provide them with the liberty to officially disregard honouring or celebrating any event. Ironically, Martin Luther King Jr. Day falls on the third Monday of January which means that one-in-seven January 16th’s will fall on the same day as National Do Nothing Day!

19th January- Popcorn Day

Bread is incomplete without butter, and movie days are left unsatisfied without popcorn! A day celebrated to salute the white balls of addiction; January 19th is marked as the National Popcorn Day, while the National Popcorn Month falls in October. Curious, isn’t it?

20th January- National Cheese Lover’s Day

Cheesy fries, cheesy popcorns, cheese shining in its glory; sounds all degrees of appetising! January 20th officially celebrates the love we harbour for cheese, so put on the extra comfortable pants to indulge in everything cheesy. Fun fact: there are more than 1400 varieties of cheese!

23rd January- National Handwriting Day

A throwback to times of school when your handwriting seemed to serve various purposes. With the National Handwriting Day, people are implored to resort back to the good old days to explore the purity and dynamics of the manner and disposition of writing!

31st January- Backwards Day

As the name resonates, the last day of the month has been reserved for the art of including rearward aspects in our life. From wearing the back of the shirt in the front to trying and writing backwards, all activities canvassing the period of this day should defy from going straight!


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