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The New Year Resolution Custom

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New Year Resolution has been a funny custom we’ve observed since childhood, but is strangely one of those few which haven’t been forced onto us as “tradition”.

But has it been any good to invest the mind into all those never accomplished Resolutions? Before venturing on to rant about it, let us peep into the origin of the custom that helps us realise our levels of procrastination!

Peeking into its history, we find that the “New Year Resolution” custom comes from the Babylonians who were believed to make promises to their Gods in hopes of earning good favour in the coming year. Quite akin to many of us, their resolutions were also centered around getting out of debt in the year ahead. Moreover; it was our very own friend, Julius Caesar who made January the first month of the year in honour of the Roman god of beginnings, Janus. The two traditions were gradually adopted by the people of different civilisations.

It was however after the Americans’ adoption of the custom that the world started to follow it blindly, just like every other American custom.

But hang on! What we need to ask ourselves is, “Do we really need a New Year Resolution, despite knowing the never materialising outcome of it?” Why is it necessary to burden the mind with yet another unachievable task, adding on to the long list of to-do’s, just because of our American counterparts’ decision to make a resolve each year? A New Year Resolution tells us to start afresh and take up one or more than one task of self improvement, which sounds like an amazing idea at the face of it. But is it really easy to disregard all that is already going on in life and resolve to figure out an all new issue on January first? We’re all caught up in one or the other issue at all times in our life, so why not solve those issues, close an old chapter and start off with a new resolution the other day! Every morrow brings to us an opportunity to close old chapters bothering our existence, and start off with a resolve to make life better. So why wait for the coming January to make it a happier existence?

Adding to the misery is the fact that these resolutions we’ve been making for years are forgotten merely after a month, making it another vain attempt of following the custom. There are, however; many who achieve their New Year Resolution goals; but sadly a very small fraction of all those who take it up in the beginning. Funnier it is, that the last years’ pending resolution of losing weight or quitting smoking becomes the current year’s, and that is how we keep procrastinating until we finally decide to do away with the idea.

It is time that we rethink following the custom that takes us on to a guilt trip or a level up in procrastination.

Resole to resolve everyday this year, maybe?

Priyal Mahtta
[email protected]

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