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Tedx Ramanujan College : post-event report.

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Post–event Report

Saturday, the 17th of December 2016, Baha’i Temple Auditorium

Six months of assiduous preparations finally culminated into a grand show on the 17th of December 2016. The spiritually uplifting ambience of The Baha’i Temple of Worship became a spectator to the magnificent accounts of Reality beyond Conventions.


The day started early, with the assembling of all the volunteers at 8:00 am in the premises. The arrangements, including decorations and tenting which were started with a full swing, with the speakers and the attendees arriving at 9:30 am. The attendees were registered on the desk and handled their event kits. The speakers of the first session were Dr D.K. Hari, Hema Hari, Mithaq Kazimi and Onkar K. Khullar. They were greeted and were served with breakfast and tea.

The stage was occupied by the hosts at 10:15 am, announcing the instructions and thanking the sponsors. Ticketing partner: Explara, Hospitality Partner: Nearbuy, Education Partner: Career Launcher, Online media Partner: DU Beat; Promotional Partner TEDxKIIT University.

At 10:30 am, principal of Ramanujan College, Delhi University, Dr S.P. Aggarwal is called on stage to formally initiate the day. Next, the hosts elaborate the theme, ‘Reality beyond Conventions’ and an introductory TED video is played. At 10:44 am anchoring resumes and the first speaker Mithaq Kazimi is introduced. He is a media producer, filmmaker and co-founder of WION news channel. At 10:57 am, Mithaq ends his talk and Onkar K. Khullar is introduced. He is a social entrepreneur and founder of Impact India Partners. At 11:17 am, Onkar ends his talk and the anchors introduce next speakers, D.K. Hari and Hema Hari. They are historians and founders of Bharath Gyan. The first session ends at 11: 35 am, tea and snacks are announced the speakers were given the speaker kits.

At 12:15 pm, the second session resumes. The anchors introduce the first speaker Prof Dinesh Singh. He is a mathematician and former VC of University of Delhi and alumnus of acclaimed institutions like St. Stephen’s College and Imperial College London. At 12:35 pm Prof Dinesh Singh ends his talk and the anchors introduce Kamla Bhasin. She is a feminist activist and Founder of NGOs like JagoRi and Sangat. Kamla ma’am finishes her talk at and the anchors introduce Jazba Theatre Group with their founder and director Anurag Dass Mathur at 1:13 pm. At 1:35 pm the Speech and performance of Jazba Theatre Group ends. Anchors announced the playing of a customary TED Video.  At 1:45 pm the video ends and the Lunch break is announced. The Lunch Break lasted till 3:10 pm and the speakers of the previous sessions received their kits.

At 3:10 pm, the third session resumes and the Dr Savita’s entry is announced. She is a professor and co-founder of the Centre for Studies of Traditions and Systems. At 3:12 pm, Dr Savita starts the talk. She ends her talk at 3:31 pm. At 3:32 pm, Introduction of Atika Dhandhia. She is a jewellery designer, Art of Living Instructor and image consultant. Atika Dhandhia ends her talk at 3:57 pm. The speakers next introduceTED Video. The video ends at 4:05 pm. The anchor thanks to the gathering: Thanks to Baha’i Temple auditorium, attendees, volunteers and sponsors stage slide mention. Ticketing partner: Explara, Hospitality Partner: Nearbuy, Education Partner: Career Launcher, Online media Partner: DU Beat; Promotional Partner TEDxKIIT University.

At 4:10 pm the last tea break of the day is announced and event ends successfully which reflected in the feedback received from the feedback.

Team TEDxRamanujanCollege

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