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Mood Indigo at IIT Bombay: Highlights Series (Part 2)

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After four days of the overwhelming bonanza of celebrations, Mood Indigo, the cultural spectacle at IIT Bombay drew to a close with some memorable performances. Here is what we thought were the highlights of the fest.


NY Musician Vladimir Cetkar performs at Mood Indigo

A multi-talented musician based in New York, Vladimir Cetkar, known for his song ‘We will never end’, gave the much needed musical punch to heighten the spirits of the crowd attending Mood Indigo this Christmas. He not only performed his best-known singles but also caught everyone’s eye with his charming personality.

EIC fame Sorabh Pant enthralled all with his tongue in cheek humour 

Performing at his candid best, East India Comedy fame Sorabh Pant left no stones unturned at tickling the funny bone of his audience at IIT Bombay. From demonetisation to other upbeat issues, he gave a humorous turn to just about everything.


EDM Night with Anish Sood 

Renowned EDM composer and DJ, Anish Sood set the musical mood at Mood Indigo as the audience led their hair down and enjoyed his gig to the fullest!

 Arnab Goswami and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis discuss ‘Transforming Maharashtra’

CM Devendra Fadnavis and TV news anchor Arnab Goswami marked their attendance at Mood Indigo in a rather address engaging fashion as they discussed issues like reservation and vote bank politics, and left no stones unturned at taking potshots at other politicians during the interactive session.


Arnab Goswami and Maharashtra CM at IIT Bombay | Image credits: Harshit Thukral

Renowned journalist Prabhu Chawla spoke to students about dynastic politics and more 

Veteran journalist news anchor Prabhu Chawla, interacted with various students at Mood Indigo, as part of the Literary Fest. The issue raised in his talk was the “rise and fall of political dynasties,” especially in the Indian context. According to him, dynastic politics in principle is undesirable but India as a nation has been accepting of political lineages. The fragmented nature of Indian politics wherein most political parties have cropped up in the fringes of the Congress party, has led to the fascination with maa-betaa sarkars and the like. In his view, the way to root out dynastic politics is by way of nationalism. A pan-Indian issue must be scavenged and propagated so as to gain a mass following. At the world level, with German and French elections being around the corner, Chawla predicts that “the lady is in trouble” (with respect to German Chancellor Angela Merkell) and that “France is leaning towards the Right.”

Image credits: Hitanksha Jain

Shankar Ehsaan Loy set the musical tone at IIT-B with their gig 

Bollywood composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy drew curtains to the four-day fest with their super energetic gig as they performed their all-time hit numbers like ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe’ and Shankar’s famous ‘Breathless’ track.

Feature image credits: Gerush Bahal 


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Picture credits: Harshit Thukral, Prateek Singh, Hitanksha Jain and Gerush Bahal for DU Beat.



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