How to Stay Productive this Winter Break

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Winter Breaks are those times where we lose almost all our productivity to our cozy warm bed. However, the guilt of not doing anything productive and lazying around does sink in at some point during this time. How about finding ways through which we can be unapologetically lazy and still be productive?


With hopes of helping you find your lost productivity even in the last leg of the Winter Break, here are some ways through which you can lay in bed all day, and be proud:



Very common and probably very boring to hear, reading is one amazingly easy way to stay productive. To keep yourself going with it, you need not necessarily read novels, anything, ranging from articles on some topic of interest to your Quora Digest would be perfect to keep you productive. The gains of reading may not be visible immediately, but it however, adds to one’s knowledge and eventually broadens the intellectual horizon of the reader.


Watching ”Good” Videos/Movies

Figuring out all what that falls under this category can be challenging whereas adhering to it can be even harder. There are some types of videos available online, that can keep you productive for quite some time during the day. For instance,Documentaries and Short Films. The internet has a plethora of documentaries and short films available on various issues to educate the viewers. Moreover, shows or movies of the Social Satire genre can be very entertaining as well as informative. In fact, all videos that educate and entertain may prove to keep you productive, but try not glueing yourself to them because, yes, they’d definitely make you lazier!


Not peeping into people’s Social Media Profiles

Social media “stalking”, as it is called, is one habit that must be stopped right away! Ironically, it is what almost all of us do for very long periods while browsing through the social media. But, in order to stay productive, not doing it is probably the first step we all must take in this direction. Social Media stalking reaps no positive results, instead, leads to a gradual negative change in behavior and actual waste of time.



We understanding how boring and/or cumbersome it may sound to many, but fret not! You aren’t supposed to write masterpieces while lazying around in bed. Just pick a pen and paper, or use your phone to write about anything, maybe your first thought about the covers you’re wearing, or what you wish to eat for dinner. Write, and put down your thoughts into words. Doing so even once in a while makes you think deeper and exercises the brain ,and the best part? Writing brings you closer to your thoughts and helps in articulating them better through spoken or written words.


Try one of these and tell your friends too, that lazying around does not always take you down a guilt trip, but can be productive too!


Happy Winter Break!


Priyal Mahtta

[email protected]


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