An app is changing the face of marketing in North Campus: Do you know about it?

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Every year with winter arriving, our newspapers greet us with reports of overcrowded night shelters. If you take a night walk around Chandni Chowk or Delhi Gate, you will come across many people sleeping on the streets on cold nights.

This winter, the makers of  ‘1 Mile’- an android app have decided to do something for those people in winter distress. In a kind gesture, warm winter hoodies were distributed among the rickshaw pullers of North Campus who often have to sleep in their rickshaws at night. These black hoodies have a graphic code on the back of their hoodies, scanning which you can download the app. “We wanted to help them beat the chilly winters, and this was an innovative way to market the app” said Saurav Soni, who is the maker of the app.  Around north campus, rickshaw pullers handle a large section of the public transport with an exception of the e-rickshaws. Nevertheless, the app’s attempt to address a social problem is winning a lots of hearts around.

‘1 Mile’ is an android app that connects all the people who are present within a radius of 1 mile from each other. It is more of a digital bulletin board for people to transmit important messages around the locality. Its users can give shout outs to other users within the radius of 1 mile around them. With the help of this app you can locate a lost pet, report traffic news, find misplaced stuff and pass on important information around the college campus.

With the fest season approaching and numerous events lined up around the campus, this app can be a great platform to reach out to students and societies around.

The app can be downloaded at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fame.plumbum.chataround&hl=en

Here is a detailed video of how the app works: https://youtu.be/0IffP25yqW4



Srivedant Kar

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