17 things to do before 2017

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It’s done. Another year passed us by. Another semester we very consciously did nothing. But as they say, ‘What’s done is done.’ As we stroll down the last month of the year, it’s the last attempt to make this year somewhat memorable (seriously 2016, you sucked). This December, we present you with 17 things to do before 2017; here’s endeavouring to end this year with a bang!

Have the obligatory post-exam gathering

Say a very happy Goodbye to those photocopies and companions which conveniently grace your bed, for the days of examination suffering are memories of the past. Kick in the New Year festivities with throwing/attending a No-More-Studying party/sleepover, regardless of if you’ve earned it or not!

Revel in the pleasures of Winter

Part of your exam woes revolved around the inability to study in the chilly weather, for the comfort of the blanket and the sweet sleep hovering our eyes made it difficult to finish through the mountain of syllabus. Now, you can leave the guilt behind and cozy up in the blanket with a good book and coffee ALL day long!

Learn something new

While you’re busy relaxing, sleeping, and doing nothing throughout the day, consider occupying an hour or two with a new hobby to indulge your spirits in. It can be anything, from learning how to play a music instrument, baking cakes and muffins to tap dancing, the world is your oyster!

Reach out to that old, childhood friend

It’s safe to assume that throughout the course of our not-so-long life, there will be the existence of a friend who you’re not in touch with anymore, but probably would like to be. Contact him/her, make plans to meet, because it’s now or never!

Spend a day boycotting all sources of technology

It sounds like an impossible task. Tearing up from our phones and laptops for one day might require a significant portion of your will-power, but now’s the time to do it. Set aside these gizmos for a fun day in the sun; go out for a picnic with your friends, or go monument exploring. See the wonders of nature and revel!

Family day!

When was the last time you had a family-exclusive outing or a chance at familial bonding? We’re guessing it’s been long. Amidst the chaos of our lives, the year-end is a wonderful time to relax with the folks. Also, plan to take an elaborate family portrait to grace the wall, it can be a delightful memory!

Make a pre-New Year resolution and complete it

No, this is not a 365 days’ full-on resolution which we expect you to adhere to. Instead, resolve to achieve something before the end of this month/year, and see how far you go. Like Chandler’s resolution of not making fun of anyone for a week or Rachel’s gossiping streak, are you up for it?

Do a Star Wars marathon

Ever since Disney’s announcement of releasing a new Star Wars movie every year for as long as it can, every December is like an early Christmas gift. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story shall be gracing theatres near you on December 16, so preparations are in order. Watch all the seven (it feels weird to not say six!) Star Wars episodes so that the Jedi in you can properly assimilate the wonders of the Star Wars universe. (Start with Episode 4, if you’re new!)

Classic Movies Marathon Day

While you’re immersed with the whole marathon mood, we have some more for you. Revisit the old classics and enjoy the familiarity and awesomeness they have to offer. From Casablanca, Dead Poets Society, Godfather to The Breakfast Club, Roman Holiday and many more, we’re talking about them all!

Write down your predictions for the next year

…you know, just for fun. One thing 2016 has taught us all: anything can happen (no need for hints.) So, capture your imaginations and visualise the many events of the year to come. Think vast, think vivid, and predict!

Do Secret Santa

We know Christmas is not a fully established holiday in our country, like Diwali or Holi. But, we can always borrow the most exciting part of the traditional holiday: Exchanging gifts! Induce more fun by doing Secret Santa, where person A gives something to person B, and person B to C, and so on. Ho-ho to that Christmas spirit!

Shopping for the next semester

We know you don’t want to think about January when the woes of college will once again begin to haunt you, but hey, do the necessary preparations. And by that we mean, go shopping and fill the spaces in your wardrobe!

Watch re-runs of Sherlock

Season 4 is coming, guys. Feel the urgency in these words. Re-acquaint your minds with the adventures of the brilliant detective and his sidekick (we love you Watson!) Because Moriarty is back to ask this question: Miss me?

Go Goa

Because all your previous plans have obviously not worked. This is the perfect time to execute this much-hyped travel plan. Make the obligatory Goa trip happen this December end, because a) you deserve it, and b) Sunburn!

Introspect on the year gone by

This was certainly a very eventful year. Some good, and A LOT of it bad. Need a reminder? Have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yv_rl3MYKA

2016 has left the whole world asking it to go away for the next year to come, and while you’re waiting for that to happen, reflect back on the things you learnt this year. (Don’t forget to freak about how time flies!)

Plan a New Year’s eve-eve party

Nobody celebrates December 31st; that’s pretty sad. Here’s an excuse to throw another party: rejoice for it’s New Year’s eve-eve! One more day of welcoming the year to come, sounds fun right?

Whine about going back to college

Between all that happiness, take some time to digest the fact that college re-opens soon. Whine and pout over this for a day or two, and then accept that life’s not fair. Good things can’t last forever, my friend.

Happy New Year!

It might be a tiny bit predictable that on a list talking about 17 things to do before 2017, one of the points is to celebrate New Year. Eat, dance, cry, get high, for the whole ideology of a new year being a new beginning is a consoling excuse for a majority of people, and we’re ready to accept it.

Folks here’s to a lousy Christmas and a crappy New Year!

Saumya Kalia

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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