7 snacks you can munch on while studying!

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Students often have tendencies to either eat too much or too little during exams – with no good done. So, it  is important to know what kind of food  keeps the body energised and the mind focused,  and also helps you go through those long study sessions!

It is very important to eat right and study right. A student can’t – and shouldn’t – survive just on coffee and potato chips. And that’s why we have a couple of snacks (with a healthier alternative for each) which you can try, to keep your stomachs full and your minds focused when studying for semester exams!

  • Chocolate: In any of its luscious forms (Nutella, nutrition bars, ice cream), chocolate is not only delicious but also helps you stay awake! So for those long hours of studying, try munching on chocolate to help you make study sessions a little more bearable.
    Choose dark chocolate for a healthier alternative.


  • Peanut butter and banana: Make a couple of peanut butter and sliced banana sandwiches and cut them into bite sized pieces to store up for later. Easy to make, this snack will give you loads of protein and provide you with the energy required to study through the day.
    Replace the bread with whole wheat or multigrain bread for a healthier alternative.


  • Yogurt and fruits: Mix a bowl of yogurt with one tablespoon of sugar and small cubes of any seasonal fruit (strawberries, grapes, etc) for a tasty, refreshing and protein-rich snack for those long hours at the study table.
    Switch sugar with honey for a healthier alternative.


  • Popcorn: Easiest snack to make – throw a pack of popcorn in the microwave and voila! Not only is popcorn easy to make, but also provides fibres and antioxidants. Just make sure not to get those buttery hands on your notes.
    Make homemade popcorn by replacing butter with olive oil and salt for a healthier alternative.


  • Baked Nachos: Throw in a bag of tortilla chips, diced tomatoes, diced onions, some sprigs of coriander and squeeze half a lemon and mix it all together in a bowl. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on top and microwave till melted – and there you have it! Crunchy goodness that’ll get you energized and also put you in a good mood to tackle those books.
    Choose sour cream instead of melted cheese for a healthier alternative.


  • Fruits and Nuts: Best way to get energy for those long study sessions is by all-natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts. Combine a sliced apple, nuts of your choice (walnuts, almonds, even pistachios), a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon and have a spoonful of this concoction every 30 minutes for a tasty booster!


  • Milkshake: Having a sip or so of a fruit milkshake through your all-nighter not only keeps you awake and energised but also keeps your stomach full (but not too full) and makes you less restless. A banana, strawberry or apple milkshake will keep your energy boosted.
    Mix less milk and more fruit in your milkshake for a healthier alternative.Happy studying and all the best for the exams!


Anagha Rakta
[email protected]


Image Credits: learningscientists.org


Head of Web at DU Beat (2017-18), and a passionate writer from Miranda House, with a sweet tooth and a funny bone.

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