BAZINGA: DU set to install app blockers on students’ phones

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Exams are already underway but do you find yourself picking up your mobile phone instead of the book? You aren’t alone. Instead of using the preparatory leaves for the exam preparation, most of the students find themselves picking battles with twitter trolls, sharing memes, posting their ‘I should be studying’ pictures on Snapchat and aimlessly scrolling through their Facebook feed. All this has not gone unnoticed by the Delhi University officials who have decided to install app blockers on the phones of students.

The move has been undertaken by the Examination Committee of the University of Delhi and on the condition of anonymity, an official told us “Kids now a days are spending too much time on their phones, the results in the past 3 years have been at a record low so we have decided to install app blockers in exchange for their admit cards. Students will have to make an id on the app to be able to block all the social media websites and apps. This move is restricted to exam time only.”  We received no reply on whether or not students enrolled under School of Open Learning would be included under this rule.

A second year student of Ramjas College beamed when he heard the news as he would “not have to deal with any more Coldplay posts” but the reaction from the student body was mixed – some calling it a revolutionary move that would help them concentrate on their studies and the others, were appalled at the intrusion of privacy by the university.

While there is still no clarity about the timing of the implementation of the new rule, we have been asked to wait for more information that will be posted on the Delhi University’s official Facebook page, quite ironically!


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Adarsh Yadav
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