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The Library: The refuge of every distracted student!

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With the approaching semester exams, we’re all in a frenzy to find the best study material and best study spaces to make up for the lost semester. But with the availability of a sea of study resources on our phone/laptop screens, the culture of going out and studying in those quiet library halls is fading away.

The Library had been our favorite gossip and fun place in school. From dodging the teacher’s gaze to passing on tiny chits to convey messages, we’ve done it all during that library period. Now, as we’ve grown up to be college kids, studying in the library , leaving behind the cozy covers is an idea that would never cross the mind.

Studying in a library has been highly underrated; as underrated as the overrated group study. Group Study plans with friends; beginning with strict announcements like, “Iss baar sabhi padhenge!” always go down the drain adding memories for the heart; but not syllabus for the marksheet! Or the cozy comfort of the bed in the winter months that wouldn’t let us slip out of the room.

That is when we can ditch those group study plans or the luring comforter to save the semester; by heading to that corner of the college we’ve not entered more than twice during the year!
Going beyond the solemn silence, what adds to the motivation is the huge number of books around! With the availability of online resources at our personal devices, the online study plan ends up in opening too many tabs altogether and finally settling down at the YouTube or Facebook one checking out Kenny Sebastian’s new videos or our crush’s FB Profile! The Library then comes to our rescue; when we finally wish to run away from those little ‘online exploration breaks’, through the environment that prevents one from getting distracted.

Moreover, the people studying all fixedly, demanding deathlike silence when we try to make ourself comfortable, never fail to motivate us, the poor fun people, to study and sail through final exams.

Keeping aside the jokes, libraries indeed help one study and find the best references for a thorough study. Seemingly harmless, yet distracting little gossips with roommates often curb our productivity, but those silent library halls never fail to let us concentrate on the study notes in front!

So why not enter that distant building and try your luck for a more thorough study?

Priyal Mahtta
[email protected]

Image Credits: www.library.ucf.edu

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