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Sepia organises its first ever exhibition in DRC

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On 27 October 2016, the film and photography society of Daulat Ram College, Sepia, held a photography exhibition in the gazebo in the front lawns. The exhibition displayed photos taken by the current team, as well as some ex-Sepia members. It included a variety of shots, such as those of nature, animals, and portraits. The event was open to all, and students from other colleges also came to admire the efforts of the team. Sepia also constructed a photo booth with a funky background and quirky props that everyone could use. They also had a feedback book, in which it was apparent that the viewers of the exhibition truly appreciated the hard work put in by the society members.

The event was a success overall and is only an indicator of the events to come this year.

Myraid themes came together in one exhibit.
Myraid themes came together in one exhibit.


Image Credits: Team Sepia

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