The hit Desi Webcast: TVF’s Permanent Roommates

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Just when we were struggling to find something that came from our reality,  and not the New York city, TVF came to the rescue with its web series -Permanent Roommates!

This modern romance revolves around Tanya a.k.a Tanu and Mikesh a.k.a Mickey, the happy-go-lucky couple. The web series reflects what Indian (long distance) couples go through during their journey from being a couple to, eh, becoming parents to getting married, with loaded “Coooolness”courtesy, Mikesh.

Permanent Roommates, while showing a modern love story, also introduces us to many loveable characters who we unknowingly form a deep bond with. From LLeo’s BroCode with Mikesh to Purushottam Ji’s love for his Shabnam, nothing in the show fails to make its viewers happy and make it a delightful watch!


Priyal Mahtta

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