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Enactus of Aryabhatta College celebrates its first ever Enactus Day 2016

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“If each one of us can make a difference, together, we can make a change.”
With this motto in mind Enactus, Aryabhatta College, an organisation formed just two months ago, celebrated its first ever Enactus Day on 24th October, 2016. The one-day event took place within the college campus and involved students from all over the University of Delhi.
The main motive behind the Enactus Day was to conduct a fundraiser, for Enactus Aryabhatta’s initial project, i.e. ‘Project Shakti’. The project focuses on uplifting the standards of the backward and ignored sections of the society with the help of entrepreneurial actions by the students associated, with the main agenda of making rescued sex workers and Kabadiwalas financially independent.
The newly recruited team of Enactus Aryabhatta having a strength of 60 committed members was enthusiastically involved in the preparations for the event for almost over a month.
Enactus Day was a one of its kind event. It comprised of several stalls with ‘Best Out of Waste’ products on sale. These decorative and utility products were handmade by the team members themselves. Registers made out of one sided used sheets along with handmade items like photo frames, used denim jeans’ bags, earrings, herbal rangoli colours and painted glass bottles were up for sale. “We actually kept boxes all over the college in order to collect one-sided used sheets from the students, weeks before the event. A great response enabled us to make around hundred registers from the collected sheets, each having a trendy cover page.” said Shubham Verma, the General Secretary of Enactus Aryabhatta.
“The products were a success. They made a large part of the revenue, as the people who purchased them had a sense of pride in their minds, contributing their bit towards a social cause. Even the faculty members including the Principal of the college came to the stalls and appreciated the products while purchasing them.” added Mayank Mittal, the Vice President of this team.
The event also had some very successful game stalls which actually attracted a huge crowd and were an instant hit. These included games like the ‘Brick Bucket Challenge’, ‘Sorted’, ‘Cover the Spot’ and the ‘Golden Cup’. However, the main highlight of the event was the ‘The Scavenger Hunt’, which was a dual round mystery object race that involved the participants to be given clues, using which they had to find various objects ranging from car tyres to a candle within stipulated time duration. Dhruv Gupta, the organiser of the scavenger hunt said, “The participants were really enjoying themselves while they were searching for the objects though they were very competitive in doing so. We received a great response and an amazing feedback.”
The event was also complimented by a special ‘Nukkad Natak’ by the Dramatics Society of Aryabhatta College, which was specially prepared for the Enactus Day. Themed upon Project Shakti, the play discussed the tormented story of young girls being forced into prostitution and leading a non-dignified and disrespectful lifestyle without any recognition from the society. Aman Grover, a first year BBE student added, “It was truly an excellent performance, as it made me refurbish my notions about these sex workers and the situations they face every day. I feel proud that being a member of Enactus, I am contributing towards this part of our society.”
As the event progressed, products like decorative items were all sold out. The recycled registers were a hit as well since the entire college contributed for it, literally. The teachers in charge were also praising the efforts and the hard work of the entire team.
Tushar Sharma, President, concluded by conveying his thoughts, “I was very excited to see such a huge amount of crowd coming for our event. The event was successful since we have raised a sufficient amount of fund for our initial motive i.e. Project Shakti. We will now be focusing entirely on the project and will make sure that together we make a significant change towards the people of these communities.”
Akshat Bhargava
Image Credits: Team Enactus Aryabhatta

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