Amit Trivedi closes Day 2 of Oasis, BITS Pilani

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On the morning of Day 2 of the BITS Pilani fest, the results for the previous day’s competitions were declared. First place in the Street Play competition went to the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), while the Hindi drama club of BITS Pilani came second.

The first half of the second day at Oasis 2016 was filled with quirky activities and competitions. These included events like Canvas Street, Swaranjali, and Drums Duels. The evening was occupied with high-energy events such as Rap Wars and Razzmatazz, the group dance competition.

Image credits: Gerush Bahal
Image credits: Gerush Bahal

Razzmatazz was a highlight event, with many Delhi University colleges also participating. Unlike most other dance fests, Razzmatazz conducted three rounds in its finals. The first was the prepared performance of the teams. The participants had an extremely short amount of time to prepare for the second and third rounds. In the second round, the teams were given a mix of songs on which they had to create a cohesive performance. This was to test their synchronisation with each other and with the beat. The most entertaining round was the third, in which each team was given a different prop which they were required to use throughout the performance. An engaging event, it elicited immense applause and cheers from the audience. The results of all the competitions conducted today will be declared tomorrow.

The night is to conclude with a Hindi prof show by Bollywood star Amit Trivedi, known for his soulful performances at Coke Studio.

Feature Image: Vegh Daswani

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