Bazinga: Delhi University to Extend Mid-Semester Break By almost a Week

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In the better interests of the outstation students, Delhi University has announced that the mid-semester break will extend till the 21st of October.
As per the Delhi University academic calendar of 2016-2017, the mid-semester break was to begin on the 11thof October and end on the 16th of October, and classes were to commence on the 17th of October. However, according to the new UG guidelines, the break has been extended by four days to the 211st of October, 2016.

According to the Holiday Making committee, this has been done so in the best interests of all outstation students. According to Mr Resham Pandey, “Many outstation students choose to go home for the mid-semester break. Therefore, five days is too little a time for them to enjoy their family time. Moreover, since travel fares at this time of the year are rather expensive, it wouldn’t be economically viable for most students to spend thousands on tickets only for a matter of five days.” When asked if he thinks that it is a good option for students to go home at this time of the year, he added, “Of course it is! Important Indian festivals like Dussehra and Navaratri fall in this period. It is as important for students to participate in cultural activities as attending classes.”

The Committee had earlier decided on an extension of two days. However, after taking into consideration that the 2nd of October falls on a Sunday this year, and that most colleges did not declare a holiday on Ganesh Chaturthi which had hurt the sentiments of many students, they decided to add two more days. Now, classes will commence only from the 22nd of October, 2016.

When asked about her thoughts on the new announcement, Sonam Keepa, a student of Kirorimal College showed her jubilation by saying, “I really appreciate this move on the part of the University administration. Now I do not have to worry about returning to Delhi too soon. I am beginning to love Delhi University even more!”

Even majority of the teachers are delighted at this move; however some are blaming the administration for being too liberal with the number of days. According to Prof. Madhuri Deo from Kalindi College, “I had scheduled internals right after the break, but now that the holidays have been extended, I have to postpone them. This extension makes no sense as classes will be off almost immediately for the Diwali Break.”

Like always, this move was also met with mixed emotions. But at least the students are delighted!

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-Swareena Gurung
([email protected])

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