Enactus Aryabhatta: A New Rise

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Aryabhatta College is the youngest and the fastest growing college of University of Delhi. Leaving no stone unturned, the students of Aryabhatta College have set up an entrepreneurial atmosphere within the campus. Following the procedure to form Enactus Aryabhatta, it took one year for the students to get the tag.

The organisation focuses on uplifting the standards of the backward and ignored sections of the society with the help of entrepreneurial actions. It recently recruited new members to the team and had their first ever induction.

Enactus Aryabhatta has currently initiated their PROJECT SHAKTI. The main agenda of this project is to make rescued sex workers and kabadiwalas financially independent. “Indian Constitution has failed to protect the rights and safety of the people dealing with prostitution and sex work.  We have connected with the kabadiwalas for improving the living standards of these communities simultaneously. Enactus Aryabhatta has thus, come up with a four phase proven method by transforming used bottles into decorative items which will give these communities a permanent source for finances. “, said Akshay Narang, the Project head of this team.

A cleanliness drive was organised by the team at DUSU Election day to collect the wasted paper pamphlets and recycle them.

The organisation has accelerated it’s operations and are working hard to bring an effective change to the society. Avinash pal, General Secretary of Enactus Aryabhatta sees a bright future of the organisation and adds up that, “The future goals of this team of sixty members would be to devote the organisation completely in the process of improvement in all the weaker sections of the society whether it’s in their living standards or in the field of education.”

DU Beat wishes the team all the best for their future endeavors.

Image credits: Gerush Bahal for DU Beat and Team Enactus Aryabhatta

Gerush Bahal

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