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Delhi University to start a School of Journalism and Communication

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 A school of Journalism and Communication is likely to start from the 2017-2018 academic session in Delhi University. The initiative has been taken by the newly appointed vice chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi.
 The faculty of the new school will regulate the workings of all the Journalism and Communication courses offered by Delhi University in various colleges.Concerning the New School of Journalism and Communication, Professor Tyagi said, “We are planning a new school for journalism and communication. But what we call it will depend on the outcome of the consultation that is to take place very soon with various stakeholders”.
The new school is likely to start with a five-year integrated masters course. The procedure for admission is expected to be entrance exam based, similar to other Masters courses. However, a final call about the admission procedure has not been given. The school, apart from the integrated masters’ programme, is likely to start undergraduate, a conventional masters’, MPhil and PhD programmes as well in the future.

Initially the school is expected to work from the Arts Faculty in the North Campus of the University, with a strength of 30 students in the first batch. The authorities are consulting various stake holders such as teachers, journalists and students for finalising the plans.

With inputs from Times of India

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