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Popular Experiences with Morning Classes

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Every day is a new battle and you need to give in all that you’ve got. Wary my dear friend, I don’t intend to fill your head with the clichéd philosophies of life but the real struggles both you and I face each morning. I am talking about the struggle of getting up early, getting ready (trying to look socially acceptable in college), fighting for MNS (minimum necessary space) and air in the Delhi Metro and trying to reach college just in time so that the professor lets you in, failing which would make all your efforts go in vain.
But this struggle reaches a whole new level when it comes to the early morning classes. And if you’re not a morning person, oh boy, I pity you. (And empathise as well).

There are certain things which are a little too relatable to everyone with early morning classes:

  1. Getting up before the sun. Students who put up in places far away from their colleges have to wake up as early 5:30 in the morning so as to make the hour and a half long metro voyage and reach on time. And when you’re heavy on late night assignments, you’re going to have some serious troubles boarding the right metro with all that drowsiness. Unless, of course, your accommodation is at a 5 minutes’ walk from your college. It gets extremely difficult to stay awake during the lectures, unless you know the art of sleeping with your eyes wide open; especially if it’s that one particular subject (or professor). And by the time you reach your last lecture, you are totally exhausted which makes you less attentive even during the lectures you like.
  2. Even if you make it for the class on time, you would succeed in getting the attendance but it gets difficult to gauge what the professor is saying because of the drowsiness. Everything done in the class seems hazy and comes back to you in bits and pieces. ‘Everything seems like a copy of a copy of a copy!’
  3. And against all odds, when you give your best and embark on to the journey, getting a text of class being ‘cancelled’ has a propensity of annoying you more than anything else in the whole wide world!

But despite all, there are some nice things about early morning classes as well. Like you are likely to get more than the MNS in the metro. And who knows? You might even get a seat if stars are in your favour!

Also, the campus in those early hours has its own charm. The placidity and only a few people around, lets you have your own quiet time at your favourite spot. A hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning at such times has the capacity to solve the greatest of your problems!
So it all boils down to how you embrace it. If you can wipe those sleepy eyes and dare to see beyond those lullaby-like lectures, you might just find your peace of mind battling the morning sun and a minute or two of pure solace and if not, well, pray that your professor doesn’t catch you dozing off!

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