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The Charm of Elections

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The election fever is setting upon the whole country. We have the UP elections next year which are already generating a lot of fervour. Likewise, election activities have kick started in Delhi University too.

As the elections inch closer, the decibel levels in the University are only set to rise. It is however, not uncommon to see or hear people complain about the cacophony and the chaos that elections generally create in the campus. To avoid this, one college recently conducted E-Elections for the student union elections. The move was lauded by the authorities and students alike. There is a certain comfort factor in conducting e elections and escaping the chaos.

While the e elections have many other benefits to them, there is also a certain charm attached to conducting elections in the University campus.

On the polling day, the whole campus is abuzz with activity and there is a different kind of electricity in the air. You see posts holding aspirants with nervousness written on their faces, and mostly the fucchas excited about casting a vote. University and college elections are, for most people, their first elections. As the national polls happen every five years, most people don’t get to vote immediately after turning 18.

From standing in queues to cast your vote, to having last minute discussions about the party you feel has the best manifesto to voting on EVM’s (which is a new experience in itself), elections are a different deal altogether. Along with all this comes, the sense of taking part in a proper democratic setup, having a say and a sense of responsibility and fulfillment.

The only thing the DU elections miss is the little blue mark on your finger. I wanted one so badly, too!

Image Credits: www.newstrackindia.com

Akshara Srivastava
[email protected]

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