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The Trump claim to the Iron Throne

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Donald Trump’s nomination for the President of USA might have trickled a few giggles in 2015 but ever since then he’s got not only the demographic but also the spectators spinning in circles. As of recently, the Republicans are giving Trump the raised eyebrow while he claims to never have been in better shape. Trump was almost successful in waving adios to Hillary until she took a bus of her own and has been in the widest lead yet, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A lot of people today have taken firm stances on the Trump Campaign but for all those who think of themselves as apprentices to Presidential Elections, let’s stretch some Trump opinions and policies.

To start off, Donald Trump has a stern outlook on abortions and is definitely against them. Posing as the father of the nation, Trump can only see eye to eye with abortion when the mother is close to death. Any other reason, for him, makes a person not pro-life. His eccentric ways will never permit him to realise this as an extremely personal decision that solely lies with the mother.

Secondly, Trump trashes the immigration system of the US, claiming it to be dysfunctional. Trump, while sipping on Margaritas, claims that the Mexicans are “bringing drugs, crimes and are rapists” as told to WJLA TV. During the course of his campaign, he has been known to flip more than an Olympics winning gymnast. He first mentioned he had no fundamental issues with Mexicans and then pounced on them with allegations from all directions. Trump’s manifesto is all about his kingdom and he proposes to build high walls and not let any immigrants permeate those boundaries.

Thirdly, the world watches as children in the US are so unhinged by arms that they venture out and use them for themselves. Donald Trump puts his foot down and says that everyone should have guns and fire back at these killers. Right to bear arms stays. He’s all for a fair battle.

He believes to have Shiva’s third eye when it comes to noting terror suspects and his latest feud with the Khan family, parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan who died serving in Iraq, has made people see red. Trump’s generalising habit has caused him to label nations and races with so little to support. As the Khan Family very rightly pointed out that if it were Trump’s reign, they would not have even been allowed inside the U.S, let alone serving the country. “Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery?” Khan asked Trump. “Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.” Trump backfired with absurd replies trying to instigate Khan’s mother to say something as an attempt to prove that women have no say if they are Muslims.

Donald Trump has blatantly made innumerous assumptions which have brought even his campaign managers to join hands in front of him. He has conveniently gone from liking Hillary to calling her the Devil, to having a relationship with President Putin to never even knowing him, to loving debt to having no debts to anybody. He’s definitely a man with a talent for the tale. His absurdity has made him viral and will continue to do so.

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