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T.V Shows every Superhero fan must watch

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It seems like a Particle Accelerator has exploded on the small screen because – it’s raining Superheroes and Super-villains! The Marvel, DC and the comic universe have come to life like never before and they have something for every fandom! From Gotham and Constantine to The Flash and Daredevil, and not to forget – Supergirl and Jessica Jones, both of which are breaking gender stereotypes; all these shows and more are here to bring all your superhero fantasies to life.

On Indian Television, Superhero craze has just started gaining momentum. It started with Arrow on Star World. Now, Colors Infinity and Zee Café have joined the league with airing Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Gotham and Supergirl! So without further ado, we bring to you a list of some Superhero T.V. shows that you should not miss!

  1. Arrow

For me, it all started with this show. This show is the cornerstone and it has made the Superhero Universe into the landscape that it is today. With a back story of a Billionaire-turned-Superhero when hit by a tragedy, it all sounded pretty Batman-ish to the viewer. Though after watching the first few episodes, any thoughts of comparison flew out of the window and the adventures of the ‘Emerald Knight’ sucked us into its fun and interesting story-line. Oliver Queen became the new hotshot vigilante-billionaire-scarred-hero of the modern times, saving his Starling City by shooting arrows!

Arrow has a solid foundation with season 1 and 2. With an introduction of too many new characters and major deaths, season 3 and 4 have slightly lost focus and become a lot more crowded. However, the show is still promising and one can expect amazing stuff from coming seasons.

Catch season 4 of Arrow from 2nd August, 2016, Monday-Friday on Colors Infinity at 7 PM, in India.

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  1. Supergirl

If you love Superman and his Kryptonian genes then, Supergirl is bound to attract you. This is a show tracing the story of Superman’s younger cousin, Kara Danvers. Mellisa Beniost as the titular Kryptonian, is the best live in action Supergirl ever. Though season one has been a little low, it had its high points with some great villains straight from the deep end of the comic universe and a Flash crossover. Hang onto this show because it’s gaining momentum and has a lot of potential for future seasons with it entering the Arrowverse from season 2!

Catch season 1 of Supergirl, Monday-Friday at 10 PM on Zee Cafe, in India.

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  1. Daredevil

Daredevil is Netflix’s first foray into the Superhero Universe. A show which has both shocked and thrilled the audiences with stellar performances by the actors, Daredevil is one show which is unafraid of venturing into the darkness of Marvel Universe. Also, it has created some unforgettable fight scenes and monologues in any superhero TV shows till now!

Moreover, Daredevil has helped to kick off Marvel’s Netflix expanded universe, which includes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and a team-up series – The Defenders. It offers a grounded team of superheroes dealing with more everyday street level problems, and less in the sphere of inter-dimensional alien invasions or metahumans!

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  1. The Flash

The Flash started off as a spin-off of Arrow but it quickly escalated and became the best Superhero show. A show which is totally committed to the most out-of-the-world elements of its comic book universe, The Flash features multiple universes, time travel, and a villainous psychic gorilla and Shark man!

Despite its cheesy, cliché elements and humour, it’s a superhero show to its very core. Flash remarkably tackles the serious themes of grief, loss, pain, separation anxiety and shows us that the almighty Superheroes aren’t bereft of their share of struggles and personal tragedies. The show is unafraid to delve into darkness with events of the murder of Barry’s mother or wrongful conviction of his father but, it resurfaces with hope. Barry retains his humour and humanity amidst all the chaos.

With introduction of multi-universes, the show is more promising with endless possibilities. The adaptation of ‘Flashpoint’, a pivotal ‘Flash’ storyline with Tom Felton joining the show as CSI Julian Dorn in season 3; It seems like this ‘scarlet speedster’ is here to stay and hell-bent on flashing on our screens for long. May the speed force be with The Flash, always!

First Look trailer (Season 3, The Flash):

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Further Recommendations: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent Carter, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Constantine and Jessica Jones.

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