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What is Happiness?

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What is happiness?

Happiness is independent.

Life has or will soon teach you that happiness is never an outcome or a corollary of a situation. Someone or something might bring you to believe that they are inextricably bound to the conditions of your happiness. However, it is only a few who realise that to be untrue. Happiness is sure an expression but it will remain as your condition only when it is independent. The durability of your happiness lies only and only with the independence it constitutes.

At one point in our lives we believe contemplation and introspection to be integral to a feeling of being low. Sorrow or misery is taken to be essential and enriching to one’s ability to think or even to produce art. For some mind and how much it forces one to think decides on how much you are bothered by life. Why wouldn’t we? Life as we realise with each pensive night is not indeed a bed of roses. Overthinking is considered to be a cause of one’s misery. An uncritical mind is upheld as a prerequisite of happiness. If it is not your uncritical mind, then it is that one person or thing that gives you hope which makes you happy. It is only a matter of time that you see life take that hope, that person from you. You see your hope gone; life appears difficult and dull. Gradually truth prevails; this life is not worth living. Then someone or something takes the place of that lost hope. This new hope leaves you soon too. It is only a matter of time that you realise that hope is not beautiful. Then how do we remain happy in this cycle of hopelessness?

Happiness, we have to realise, is intrinsic not to your surroundings or attachments but to yourself. Happiness is not uncritical, it is acceptance and endurance. You don’t have to be unmindful, careless and carefree to be happy. Happiness requires a supreme intelligence to see things as they are and know that they will remain so. Happiness is severely detached from your external condition, to people or things. Happiness is hopelessness from external aid or cosmic bliss. It is in strength, and a clear understanding of the world around you.

Unless you do not realise how important it is to accept the misery of life, you cannot make anyone happy. It is only when you know how to produce happiness that you can bring happiness to someone. As a producer of happiness when you bring happiness to someone, you will never facilitate dependence on the person you are aiding.

“Everything will be okay,” is never the best thing to say. “You make everything okay,” is in my understanding, better.

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