Admissions 2016

A Guide for Fuss-Free & Fun-Filled Pre-Admission Chills

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With the Delhi University admissions having begun, millions of students with their hopeful hearts and fearful mind sit glued to their computer screens, switching from one college website to another just to get a hint of the life they’re soon going to lead. Whether having seen nightmares or frequent fantasies, driven over by excitement or drowning anxiety, these are just a few common symptoms of a perfectly normal (at least until then) DU aspirant.

However, after the release of a first few cut-offs, while it may seem that the worst is over (and for a larger part, it is) there will still be one grueling hell of a final ride expecting you to climb on and roll with the punches. Now you can either succumb to the inevitable waves of stress and make it a bouncy one or with our help, transform it into an enjoyable and memorable admission process.

The More, The Merrier

To ease yourself from the hassles of running around the photocopy place, never, EVER forget to bring extra copies of all your official documents ranging from birth certificates, Class 10th and 12th mark sheets to passing, migration, provisional and character certificates. Carry ample amount of passport sized photographs (black and white or coloured) with essential stationary items like blue and black ball-pens, pencils, erasers, glue stick, paper clips and stapler with enough pins. Speaking of more, you might just really have to ‘speak a lot more’ to each other or others, so recharge your cell phone with extra balance to prevent missing out on anything.

Eat, Drink, Burp, Repeat

The fact is- you won’t really be given any special treatment out of sympathy or fall into the arms of some hot, single guy behind you in a Karan Johar styled romantic movie pose. If you faint out of exhaustion from standing in the queue for a long time, chances are you’ll have to go right back at the end of it and waste a few more hours again. Save yourself some trouble and keep yourself hydrated at all times by carrying adequate bottles of cold water or small juice cartons. Apply world’s favorite stress buster and satisfy your cravings with some biscuits, fruits or packets of chips which you shouldn’t think twice to bring along as well.

Look Chillin’ Like the Sun’s Foe

Don’t go all dressy. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to reveal the fashionista in you once college begins. Wearing heavy clothes or too many accessories will only add on to the excessive heat in your body, all thanks to the high humidity. Beat the summer heat and look stunningly cool by wearing loose-fitting clothes or those made out of cotton fabrics with colourful scarves (for girls) and funky hats (for guys), paired with your exceptionally unique glares to show off your college swag!

Take an adult or your most jugaadu friend with you

No matter how much you deny it, you cannot survive this alone. Even if you do make it out alive, you’re not going to enjoy it one bit without having one of your most supportive parents or your coolest friend around. An adult not only brings you a sense of warmth and care but also, a unique sense of safety and the feeling that despite hurdles, everything will be alright. If not them, bring along your most fun friend to keep you entertained throughout the process and who’d know exactly how to get things done quickly and swiftly without letting you get into any sort of trouble.

Party toh banti hai, bro!

Who doesn’t get irritated while roaming around the college premises for hours, losing/asking directions after every few minutes and moving from one slow queue to another? This coupled with the scorching summer heat of Delhi would only end up making you more irritated at the smallest and meaningless of things. When this happens, remember to take a deep breath and relax. Acknowledge where you are- at one of the best Universities of the country. Stop cribbing and start enjoying while you’re at it. Try everything- from the refreshing Banta to flavorful Chuskis and college specialities ranging from yummy Chhole Bhature to spicy Chowmein in canteens. Explore the nearby markets by doing some affordable shopping from campus street vendors. Click some selfies and make some memories. Most importantly, celebrate your admission because you deserve it. Be proud of where you are and what you have achieved!

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Shagun Marwah

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