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Why Anyone Looking For An Internship Opportunity In Journalism Needs To Connect With SUNO

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We demand freedom of speech but do not realise that the information we get through the mouthpieces of mainstream media reach us through a process that is not exactly free. The stories we hear, read or see are often biased. They are presented to us through the prism of the media house’s own lens created from a mixture of political, geographical, ideological and pecuniary elements that the house could be influenced by.

A journalism student who lands in any of such media houses might end up becoming another automaton programmed to work in the assembly line of the house and forced to follow a coloured thought-process. Imagine the future of journalism in such a scenario. This makes the need for a fair, free voice for everyone exceedingly important, and this is why we created SUNO.

SUNO is a unique app that lets the user tell stories to a fast expanding readership comprising new age, educated men and women from around in the world. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that SUNO could be like the Oracle of Delphi in the hands of a journalist who has a nose for news. Its advanced features empower the user to present the story in an interactive and attractive way too.

An intern will learn the ropes of journalism better with an app that lets them at least report on whatever they think is worth reporting. At SUNO, an intern learns the two most important aspects about journalism – fairness and impartiality.

So why wait? Join the SUNO Internship Programme here.

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