Finding the Perfect Apartment

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It’s the time of admissions again and many of you will be apartment hunting. And while opting for hostels or pg’s is easier, many cannot or simply do not make that choice. There are a lot of things to consider while searching for a good apartment. It is never good to rush and you might have to look at a lot of places before finding the right one.

So here a few tips to save yourself of a miserable place to stay. Because after a long day all we want is to come back home, to that place where we find peace.

  1. SEARCH A LOT – Do not limit your searches to two or three places. I know it is terribly hot and that might dry out your patience faster but when you find that perfect place, it will be worth it.  It is good to look within a range of five to six apartments. That usually gives you a pretty good idea of what you want.


  1. LOCATION – This is very important. You do not want living in a place with limited facilities and connectivity. It is up to you to judge whether the area has adequate facilities or not. Also it is always better to live in an area having more students rather than living in a residential area. In student areas you get reasonable rates and a lot of (quirky) choices. In residential areas, even though the rent may be less, they usually charge high security deposits. Also metro connectivity is important if you live far from college and otherwise as well.


  1. UNNECESSARY SPACE – Do not choose places with plenty of rooms. It might sound good but it becomes a drag in the future. It is difficult to clean and maintain. Plus if you have extra space it invites extra, and sometimes unwanted company.


  1. INITIAL REPAIRS ARE SUPPOSED TO DONE BY THE LANDLORD AND NOT BY YOU – Always check if everything is in working order. Electrical sockets, plumbing and cupboards are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure nothing is broken or damaged. If anything needs to be fixed, immediately inform the landlord. Do not hesitate or wait around or you might have to do it yourself. Every apartment is supposed to be cleaned, repaired and painted before a new tenant moves in.



  1. GOVERNMENT WATER SUPPPLY VS BORING WELL WATER SUPPLY – Nowadays many apartments have boring water supply installed. This is preferable than using the government supply. Government supply has very specific timings and if you miss them, you have a water crisis. Few things are worse than water shortage. Boring on the other hand is available 24/7. But repair costs are high so one has to be responsible.


  1. FIRST HAND VS ON-RENT – The initial rush of having a place of your own will drive you buy a lot of unnecessary stuff. After all the apartment should look cool right? But spend easy. If you have a lot of stuff, it becomes difficult to move to a new place. Plus at the end of three years, you will have a lot of stuff which you cannot carry with you. ACs, coolers, fridge and almost everything is available on rent.



  1. EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS – I am not talking about Ambulance or police numbers. One always needs a plumber or an electrician and it is always handy to have a few numbers in your phone. You can ask at the local hardware stores for such services.


These are just a few tips. There are many things to learn like living on a budget, monthly account and learning to share with another person. Living in a place of your own is a different experience altogether and it is very enriching. It make you independent and responsible and can result in some of the best years of your college life. Hope you found this usefull!


If you have any queries you can contact me at the address given below. Cheers!


Arindam Goswami

[email protected]

Currently in my third year, studying Political Science major at Ramjas College. I love chicken and books and sleeping. If you want to talk, feel free to drop me a mail at [email protected] or you can reach me through Facebook, Arindam Goswami. Kudos!

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