Movie Review: Finding Dory

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After a gap of almost 13 years, directors Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLaneto are back with one of the most awaited movie sequel of the year. Channelising the charm of ‘Finding Nemo’, Finding Dory revives some of its incidents while introducing the fate of ‘Dory’ – the disoriented friend of Marlin, who, by her absurd interjections and unique ways, had helped him find his lost son Nemo. It is a story about how a friendly yet forgetful tang fish reunites with her parents, whom she had lost as a baby. Reminiscing blurred memories, Dory embarks on a journey to find her lost family while coping up with despair and short term memory disorder. The theme suggests that disabilities should never be regarded as limitations. This is clearly evident as we get to witness Dory’s struggles and her undying principle to never give up. While having really short bursts of functionality, Dory repeatedly forgets what she was doing which eventually results in its separation from Marlin and Nemo during the journey. Yet, she forges ahead, even when alone, retracing memories from a series of associations. Helped by an octopus Hank and her childhood friend Destiny, the shark, she finally meets her parents again, only to remember that she had again been separated from her friends. She then works out solutions, in her own ‘Dory-kind-of-way’ to fetch them back to the ocean. The movie, not only proves to be an impeccable sequel of its original, but also succeeds in giving an inspirational lesson on its own. The lesson of ‘Believing in yourself’ during every hustle of life. Image Credits: www.creteplus.gr Lovleen Kaur [email protected]]]>

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