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DU Admissions 2016 : BE/BBA top choice for entrance-based courses

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Delhi University had launched online admissions for six undergraduate entrance-based courses on May 13, and started online applications for merit-based courses on June 1. The response to both applications has been overwhelming.

More than 30,900 applicants had successfully registered through DU’s online portal within the first six hours of the launch of the portal on June 1 for merit-based admissions. Of the 30,900 registered, 5600 had completed the entire registration process along with the online payment of the registration fees. This year, the admission fee for colleges will also be paid online, making the admissions process entirely digital for the first time.

Registration for entrance-based undergraduation courses ended on May 31 with a total of more than 54,000 applicants. The female applicants outweighed the applicants of other categories, with more than 30,000 of them, as compared to around 24,000 male applicants and 4 of the ‘Other’ gender. Among the offered courses, B.A (H) Business Economics and BBA emerged as the top choice with nearly 23,000 applications. The second rank course, B.El.Ed, received around 10,800 applications.

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