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Dyal Singh College witnesses a workshop aiming at active learning in classrooms

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Dr. Vishal  Gupta, Associate Professor in the Department of Management, University of Mississippi, USA was invited to speak at Dyal Singh College (Morning) on 19th May 2016 by Dr. Rupa Basu from Kamala Nehru College. Named “eCognitio: An Innovative E-learning Workshop Promoting Student Participation and Collaborative Learning,” this initiative has been taken up as a pilot study under a Delhi University Innovation Project.

Over the years, with the advent and growing popularity of internet and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, the job of the faculty has become even more challenging as students can seem disconnected from the classroom experience. Bearing this in mind in his presentation, Dr. Gupta drew attention to several factors that often contribute to ineffective teaching and how the use of e-learning and collaborative learning tools can be used to make the learning process more engaging for students. 

Followed by Dr. Gupta’s informative session, the second session was presented by Dr. Anita Goel and Dr. P.V.Arya from Dyal Singh College’s the Computer Science and Zoology Department respectively. They spoke of Open Education Resources and MOOCs and how the use of videos and animation can assist in the teaching-learning process.

Though primarily meant for Delhi University professors, apart from an enthusiastic participation by professors from numerous colleges, the workshop saw participation by professors from Meerut as well as Hapur. Dr. I.S Bakshi, Principal, Dyal Singh College, also reiterated the need for change in the methods of teaching in order to meet the expectations of the present generation of tech-savvy students who have a number of distractions that students did not face a decade back. “Student engagement with their learning experience is the key to academic success,” said Dr. Bakshi. 

With inputs from Dr. Rupa Basu, Kamala Nehru College. 

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