Bazinga: Foreign Universities to open branches in North Campus

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Have you always dreamt of enrolling in a foreign university but have been unsure of making the cut? If the answer to this question is in affirmative, then all your apprehensions are soon going to be put to an end as many Ivy league schools are opening their branches in the North Campus area this admission season!

Despite inviting the wrath of various Indian universities like DU, JNU, Jamia and Ambedkar University, among many others, who fear to lose their glory to these world renowned institutions, the HRD Ministry has given a thumbs up for the entry of foreign universities to set up campuses in India, starting from the student hub- North Campus.

Our sources have informed us that, owing to lack of space and time, some selected foreign universities will first set up their temporary infrastructure in a few renowned North Campus colleges, in the meantime a final solution would be reached by the government. According to some insiders, among the many esteemed universities, Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and Yale University have approached the government with interest in the matter and are likely to start some of their most sought after courses here in India!

The move has come to the surface owing to the debate around entry of foreign universities in India that was doing the rounds for quite sometime ever since the Modi government came to power at the Centre. There have been talks to facilitate their entry by tweaking UGC and AICTE regulations on twinning arrangements between Indian and foreign institutions to permit joint ventures. Excited to enter the India education market, the foreign universities are likely to begin admissions from this academic year itself, but will accept applications from September onwards, once Niti Ayog finally drafts guidelines in collaboration with the HRD Ministry.

Delighted and beaming about the news, a student from a North Campus college was quoted as saying, ” It will increase competition and improve the quality of education, infrastructure and faculty in India for sure! While the decision has been welcomed with open arms by many students, it has also caught the eye of cynics! A student leader from Colonial Yuva Sangharsh Samiti (CYSS) is angered by the move and remarked, ” It is a conspiracy. We can’t let foreign universities to come in and invade our system of education too like they did 200 years back. We strongly condemn the move!

News is brewing that the universities will follow new admission pattern in order to cater to the Indian scenario, ( as if McDonald’s wasn’t enough by presenting us an Indianised menu, but anyway!)

It is coming to the limelight that expenses of the courses will be based on the economic background of the candidate. the universities will not follow reservation policy, but economically weaker students, with good academic/co-scholastic record would be considered. 

With courses such as law, history and economics, english, physics, religious studies being offered, will the move be a blessing in disguise that’ll help fuel in life in the almost brain-dead (quite literally) education system. Will DU lose its glory? We never know. 

*Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is to be appreciated and not accepted !

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