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Dealing with Exam Stress 101

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It’s that time of the year when stress is at its peak and panic mode sets in. Well exam time is indeed a testing period in the lives of all students. With the DU kids getting set for the end-semester exams, here’s a list of a few things that you can do to let go off that stress and give in your best for your prep.

1. Daydream:

Take two minutes to fantasize about all of your summer plans. Take a break to think about the probable things you could do once the exams are over and done.

2. Let  it out:


Take out 5 minutes to just scream or laugh like a maniac. Scientific studies show that this releases the stress inside and helps you maintain your cool. Just make sure you don’t try this in a library or reference section.

3. Step outside:


Step out in the fresh air and just take a walk with your earphones on. Listen to your exam playlist and relax for a while.

4. Try new things:


Give yourself a break by trying out something new. Be it a new dish or a new place to wander. Give yourself the required ‘me’ time.

5. Phone a buddy:


Give your mom, BFF, or whoever else can make you laugh a quick phone call. It’s a simple and pleasant distraction — just don’t chat for too long!

6. Catch up on web articles:


If nothing works, web (and we) can always help. Catch up on the interesting web articles (or DU Beat articles) you witness fleeting on your timeline which you probably missed in the year. That’ll surely pep you up.

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Ishita Sharma

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