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DU makes application process for procuring degrees and official documents online

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Continuing with the reformation of how things work in Delhi University, graduates will now be able to apply for their degree certificates, marksheets, migration certificates, attestations and transcripts online. The university will also deliver the transcripts, certificates and even verified copies to desired destinations like another university, an employer or for visa application online.

All set to become the first Indian University to go completely online for the procurement of official documents, DU will also be making a long-drawn and tiresome process very convenient by making it easier for students to collect certificates and copies of their degree.

“While the application process has been made online, for security purpose, certificates will have to be collected personally,” said Satish Kumar, officer on special duty in the Examination branch of DU, as quoted in Times of India. However, arrangements will be made by the university to deliver the migration certificates to the desired university/institution directly.

Satish Kumar further elaborated on this new move and said that electronic transcripts and verified degree certificates could be delivered to desired destinations online. For delivery to employers, visa agencies and universities, once the application for the document is submitted, a personal identification number will be generated and shared with the required agencies and universities, which will enable them to access the verified documents online.

To apply for documents, alumni of the university, irrespective of the course or college they were associated with, need to submit their enrolment number and examination roll number, select the type of document they require, and make the payment for the procedure online. For degree and duplicate degree certificates, an applicant has to submit his/her examination roll number and enrolment number, but for transcripts, they’ll also have to upload examination roll numbers of all three years, along with the marksheets.

Kumar also added that online attestation of certificates is also being introduced.

Inputs from Times of India

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