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Early morning Yoga sessions held for students at Dr. B. R. Ambedkar College

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Image Credits- ADSS To enhance participation and encourage regularity a monthly felicitation program is being held to reward those students who are regular and have embraced yoga as part of their life. This felicitation program is conducted regularly in the first week of every month and the students are given appreciation letters and symbolic prizes by the committee. It’s important to mention that the felicitation function is attended by all the committee members along with the chairperson of the college governing body Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma and the principal Dr. G. K. Arora. The college, in its endeavour to contribute to the mission of making a healthy India celebrated the International Day of Yoga on 21stjune 2015 by organising a mega yoga event in its premises. This event included a spectacular yoga performance by more than 450 NCC cadets from various DU Colleges and schools and was attended by eminent personalities. The event was covered and aired by Rajya Sabha TV. To popularise Yoga among students the yoga committee  in collaboration with Sam Yoga Foundation conducts yoga workshops on regular basis .The annual Fest of college, Chetna 2016 showcased a special 10- 12 minutes performance of musical yoga . All these initiatives reflect a strong spirit of the college to support students in their endeavour to become well balanced and healthy individuals and to make them realise that mental and physical health is the true wealth. Compiled by- Tanya Agarwal [email protected] Inputs by- Neha Sharma Assistant Professor, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar College  ]]>

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