In conversation with the newly elected President of Maitreyi College (2016-17)

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Abhilasha Rajput, a Second Year student of B.Sc Physical Sciences was recently elected as the new President of Maitreyi College, Delhi University for the session 2016-17. With a passion-driven attitude and a dynamic personality, she is known to grab every opportunity that comes her way. Along with being an essential part of the Student Union for more than a year, she has also been an earnest and a zealous member of Vistas- the photography society of Maitreyi and represents as the coordinator of several NGOs such as Umeed and LFT (Leaders for Tomorrow) for her enthusiastic contributions and work. As a proficient artist, she is currently in the process of selling her homemade handicrafts and creations online as well.

DU Beat got a chance to speak to her about the journey of her triumph and unleash her secrets of success.

Congratulations Abhilasha! How did you feel after being declared as the new President of your college? What do you think has been your real key for success or a quality that made you stand-out from the rest?

Thank you so much. I was overwhelmed on hearing my name being announced for the post of the President. The feeling is so good, that it’s indescribable. I believe that it was my unflinching dedication and complete honesty for every task that I fulfilled, which eventually paid off. Being a Committee Member in the Student Union for a year had given me the fortunate opportunity to learn all the functions of my college, make new contacts everyday and establish good relationships with students. More than that, the consistent encouragement and self assurance which I received from all my peers, juniors, seniors as well as my teachers was more than enough to sustain every ounce of strength and faith I had in myself. I would like to thank my parents, friends and teachers for their constant support and guidance.

What was your biggest challenge while running for the post of the President? How did you respond to your competitors?

Thankfully, there wasn’t any such troublesome obstacle in my way, apart from the few common problems that one is very much likely to face in every election campaign. Along with dirty politics, a few fights had also taken place between my competitors. Everyone played their own games and friends were being betrayed. But, in some ways, these only made me stronger and more resolute towards my goals. Throughout my campaign, I remained completely positive and determined to work as much as possible, and teach all the negative campaigners about the real secret of sincerity and hard work which alone made me achieve this victory today.

What were your main objectives in the election campaign and how do you plan on achieving them?

My main objectives in the campaign were to make our college campus cleaner and gardens more beautiful, provide fresh drinking water to the students via water coolers, ensure hygiene in every nook and cranny, and make Maitreyi reach greater heights by conducting bigger, better and more successful events in the future.
I plan to work on all this along with my student union team as soon as possible and would try to accomplish each and every goal without ever giving up.

What fueled your interest in joining the student union in the first place?

I feel it was my leadership factor that encouraged me to join the Student Union. It started when I decided to volunteer for college events like Annual fests, Seminars, Fresher’s parties, etc, and very soon, found myself get easily compelled by this kind of work. Volunteering for the ‘Admission Procedure’ introduced me to the recruitment procedure of the Student Union. So, I decided to come out of my comfort zone,worked extremely hard and became one of the Committee Members for the year 2015-16. My ex-presidents, Shelly and Manisha have been great mentors for me. They were one of the reasons I built up the courage to register myself for this post, as they boosted my confidence and hopes at every level.

In what spheres of Maitreyi do you intend on creating a difference and why? What would be your overarching purpose as a leader?

My ultimate goal would be to devote myself completely in the process of improvement in all sections of the college whether it’s in academics, sports, cultural events, or cleanliness, take into account the problems and most importantly, do everything I can to take Maitreyi to the list of the top ten colleges of Delhi University.
If there’s anything I have realized over these past few days following my victory has been the fact that everything happens for a reason. I still remember the time I was a little hesitant on joining an all girls’ college and remained unsure about my choice for several days. However, it was my mother who truly believed Maitreyi to be the best college option for me. How dearly right she was!
The ways in which my college has mended me, developed my skills and pushed me out of my comfort zone is something I would forever remain thankful for. So in return, I have and will continue to serve my college as my family, in as many little and big ways as I possibly can by being the president.


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