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Why we must keep a journal during college

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As a graduating senior I deem myself qualified to churn out a piece of advice. And so I jump at this opportunity, imploring all my dear juniors to promise this one thing: keep a journal where you scribble your thoughts everyday.

College can get very hectic, all-nighters might be all the rage. Here is an interesing tidbit: the range of adventures you can have each day during those three years of undergraduation can oscillate between a dull, drab day full of lectures to an eventful day full of meetings/practices/event planning…you get the flow. You might have harried through the bylanes of Chandni Chowk the same day you might be haggling with printers at Nehru Place. One hour you’d be chilling with your gang of friends, and another hour you might be giving an internal examination, and yet another hour might witness you attending a college/deportment fest.

My point here is that each day is different from the other and to make the most out of it, you should document these days. Selfies are okay, photographs are fine and social media uploads rock, but nothing beats recording your feelings in a journal or a dairy. If you’re so tech-savvy have it online. If you’re a private person keep the diary to yourself. If you want the world to know what your college life has been like, share it. But the important point is to record. Scribble down details of each day, and let your feelings dominate it. Not only is it a great way to store your memories in a pristine and unaltered way, but it also gives you scope and time for reflection and contemplation.

Here’s an anecdote. I wrote about my experiences prior to organising an event. And while I did that, I used to turn the pages back and forth, which used to help me gain a vantage where I understood what I, as a leader was doing right or wrong.

For practical and emotional reasons, keeping a diary is a good practice. I haven’t even delved into the pros of keeping a journal generally. But as a college student, it will help you greatly to acknowledge and appreciate what you have, record precious memories with friends and make the most of it all.

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Kritika Narula

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With a ginormous appetite for books, she is the kind of person who experiences Book Hangovers way too often. An unabashed fangirl, unbeatable optimist, movie-buff, art-lover, are some of the phrases that define her. In some alternate universe, she feeds on Mac and cheese every living moment. She actually fell in love at first sight: with big words. She can be found sipping coffee in the lawns of IP College, contemplating some quote she read somewhere, when not attending her commerce lectures. Drop her a mail at [email protected]. She’d prefer a tweet @kritika_n_books, though.

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