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Dyal Singh College: First varsity college powered by solar energy

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Dyal Singh College of University of Delhi (DU) has become the first varsity college to be powered up by solar energy. The Ministry of New and Renewable Resources (MNRE) and Solar Energy Corporation of India were instrumental in helping in the installation of Solar Panels in the college. This solar power project is being carried out in two phases of 100KW (kilo watt) each. The first phase with 100KW solar panels was completed with inspection on 16th April, 2016. The cost of this first phase was 62 lakh with 15% subsidy.

According to the college authorities, by using these solar panels there will be a 30% decrease in the electricity bill of the college per month. Also, this solar plant is being used according to ‘Net Metering System’ through which the energy generated by this plant is first used by the college and if surplus is left then, it is sold to BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL). Since, the college is not open throughout the year and some days the electricity consumption is less, the electricity generated on such days will be straight away sold to BRPL. Therefore, it is estimated that within 3 years the cost of installing this 100KW solar plant (62 lakh) would be reimbursed by the college.

The second phase of this 200KW solar project would materialize in future with which the college would become self-sufficient to fully power up the college without any help from BRPL. “As human beings we need to be conscious of our responsibility towards planet Earth. The temperature of entire world is increasing rapidly and all of us are responsible in contributing to it. We are endangering the future and existence of life on our planet. We thought of installing solar panels in our college to be eco-friendly and do our bit to save environment,” said I.S. Bakshi, Principal of Dyal Singh College, DU.

But, this is not the only environment-friendly initiative taken by the college. In addition to solar panels, the college is building an affluent-treatment plant. The chemical waste from the chemistry labs has been damaging the water supply system and polluting the water with heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Through this affluent treatment plant all the chemical waste would first treated for the heavy metals and chemicals before going in water system.

The third step taken by the college is the IGL gas connectivity in all the chemistry labs and canteen. Through this the college would be not be prone to PNG gas cylinder accidents. Lastly, with the construction of the new science block, the college would build a rain water harvesting plant to conserve water. Thus, soon Dyal Singh College would be the most eco-friendly college of varsity and of India too.


Nidhi Panchal

[email protected]

Image Credits: Anupam Chhikara

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