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Delhi University – Proceed with caution

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To be very honest, most people who’ve been posting how they are going to miss college post graduation are lying. The reasons might differ, but they’re lying alright. I agree there are a few people who are legit distressed about graduating (already?!) but a few of us are actually very glad that this is happening. I am just concerned that I don’t see more of people like that. Instead, all I have on my news feed are emotional messages about how transforming the past three years have been. Personally, they sucked. Somewhat yes. Maybe truly.

We all entered this phase of our lives with bright eyes and high hopes of getting a taste of what it’s like being in the ‘real world.’ Instead, regulations even worse than our school life greeted us. While the course curriculum remains as weak as ever (FYUP, give me that one year of my life back), placements are as ineffective as the administration even in some of the ‘better colleges,’ and extra-curriculars are restricted to dramatics and dancing.

I know everyone knows this already but what I don’t understand is how easily people are choosing to ignore that as we are graduating. This was not the ‘DU experience’ I was given hopes for, this will not be why I’ll ever put my younger sibling through all the Class 12 boards’ pressure. It’s simply not worth it.

While there are opportunities for you to build on your talents and creative genius in several extra-curricular activities, they are not the only parts of an amazing collegiate experience. Other factors like academics, infrastructure, volunteering opportunities, skill-training workshops, business seminars and conferences are all overshadowed and dwarfed each year. That is not acceptable.

I know leaving an institution is always a tricky affair because as you leave a certain place you also have to bid goodbye to a regular sense of comfort and certainty. Personally, I could not be more ready for it. By that, I don’t mean even slightly, I have my life plans all figured out. Thanks to DU and the FYUP debacle, some of us may take longer to get our plans right. What I mean instead is that being in as ‘floopy’ an environment as DU has opened my eyes to see beyond just the ‘stage moments’ of an institution.

As another batch of students enter Delhi University in the next semester, I want to caution them to proceed with the utmost care. Don’t just give into the media hype of being in Delhi or in DU. Decide your future course of action carefully and base it on your research. Look for the courses you’re applying to (hopefully you’ll get to do them all unlike the FYUP batch) and look for the academic faculty in colleges. These are important decisions, and an informed decision can only make the next three years of your life (consequently your next 5 years and 10 years and so on) better.

Just saying.

Signing off, your overly enthusiastic about graduating Senior,

Surbhi Arora

[email protected]

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A Wall Street wannabe, I'm currently in my final year of Economics Honours. I enjoy reading American and Indian poetry, contemporary political fiction and autobiographies. I can be reached at [email protected]. Or you can send me a tweet @soysurbhi

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