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Admission through Sports Quota in Delhi University to be done on position basis

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The criteria on the basis of which students are admitted to Delhi University under the sports quota is set to be altered. From this academic year onwards, colleges will hold trials for specific positions that the team is looking to fill. “If a college needs a wicketkeeper for its cricket team, a centre forward for its football team, or a goalkeeper for its hockey team, the selection will be focused on these positions,” a member of the admissions committee informed mediapersons. 

Five percents of the seats in all colleges are reserved under sports and extra-curriculars category. The 2016 admission season is all set to begin from May 25, with the first cut-off list expected on June 22. Over 3000 students seek admission into Delhi University through the sports category every year. For admissions through sports quota, three fitness tests are conducted by the University, after a college-level application has been filled by the students seeking admission. 

The University seeks to ensure a certain measure of transperancy in admissions through sports quota, by holding trials only for those positions that the college team is looking to fill. Colleges have been asked to submit their data by the end of this month, and confusion will be eliminated from the entire process, making it easier and less time-consuming, according to an official. Students will now be required to apply to specific colleges keeping in mind the requirement of each college team, thereby streamlining the process. 

The introduction of this measure may save students the time and energy that goes into applying at every college, since applicants will be made aware in advance of the open positions on college teams. However, this change in the procedure may cause sportspersons to feel that they are not being given the opportunity to showcase their skills at most colleges. Earlier, colleges would accomodate students with outstanding abilities irrespective of the position they played at. 

For information on admissions through sports quota in 2015, follow this link:


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