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Department Heads 2015-16 pass on the baton

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Naman SehgalIt’s time to say goodbye. When I was interviewed for DU Beat, I was confused about whether to join the design team or not. Today, I can say that it was one of my best decisions. After failing to make it to a design school, I had lost all hopes of being a designer, but DUB gave me a platform to improve.

DU Beat has taught me a lot. It helped me see the areas I’m good at and taught me to improve my work in the areas I lack in. I have worked with a bunch of crazy people – always ready for parties, crazy stuff, and what not. It has been a wonderful journey. DU Beat has helped me in improving not only my CV but also my designing and leadership skills. We know that our juniors are now ready to take on the responsibility and will take DUB to newer heights. DU Beat, you’ll be missed. DUB is for life.
Naman Sehgal,
Design  Head,
DU Beat 






Sarvin SinghI joined DU Beat nearly two years ago, in the summer of 2014, as a nervous kid straight out of first year, looking to do something different and using the vacations productively! I still remember my first DUB meeting so very clearly – right from what I wore to what the others and I had to say, especially Dhaval, who has been the nicest mentor, guide, and director anyone could ask for. My DUB journey has definitely played an integral role in making me a confident person ready to take on the world (well, hopefully). I’m so very grateful for the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and the experiences I’ve had. Goodbyes are hard, and so is change, but that’s what being in DU Beat does – gives you memories that will forever be cherished and transforms you as a person. My DU experience would have been incomplete without the glossy pages I see every week and which you’re probably reading right now!

Sarvin Singh,
Marketing Head,
DU Beat






Well, it is time to bid adieu and it is only now that I have come to realise how I would want to rearrange, respond and recruit better!

Tanvi ShekhawatI see myself planning to make all these changes in the working style in the coming year but also failing to understand that I no longer have this opportunity. Such a unique opportunity was made available by DU Beat to a Political Science student, with nothing that can be considered experience in the field of HR, but only curiosity to know more.  DUB is where you can be whoever you want and explore options before you take decisions in life. It, in a snippet, gives you a professional experience without making you feel limited or bound by it.
I, now, have a much better understanding of what HR is and how it functions and yet the freedom to either choose or not to choose it as my career.
It might sound clichéd but I will forever be grateful to DUB and all my fellow DUBsters who made this possible for me.
Tanvi Shekhawat
HR Head,
DU Beat


Sahil NarangIt’s time to say goodbye. It’s hard to deal with the thought of leaving DU Beat; the organisation has made me who I am today. It has given me countless memories to cherish. It has taught me everything – from taking interviews to handling operations, and to building public relations. It has been the best part of my college life, or rather, my life. I’ll miss the 50 mails a day, my phone ringing for work, the WhatsApp group conversations, taking interviews and many more things. I still remember the words my HR Head said- “DU Beat is a bucket full of water, gulp it as much as you can.”

There will be now be no media entry for me in a DU fest, and no one will call me a DUB guy anymore. DU Beat gave me an identity and I’ll carry this identity throughout my life. It’s very hard to believe that this journey is coming to an end, and that in a few days, I won’t be a part of this one thing that I was so passionately involved in with all my love and dedication. Thank you, DU Beat, for giving me memories to cherish forever.

Sahil Narang,
Operations Head,
DU Beat


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