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The Department of English, Dyal Singh College (M) organises Annual English Seminar

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The department of English and the English literary society of Dyal Singh College (Morning) organised their annual English seminar on the topic – “Early European nationalisms and their postcolonial manifestations: literary explorations” on April 4 and 5, 2016.

Day 1 of the seminar began with the introduction of the theme, followed by the first session in which the first lecture was on “Tudor historiography and nation state in early modern England” by Mr. Rudrashish Chakrabarty, an assistant professor in the English department of Kirori Mal College. The lecture focused on how nationalism was not just a 19th century phenomenon in Europe but was also seen during the Tudor Dynasty rule. The second lecture on the topic of nationalism and internationalism by Mr Tanvir Aeijaz, an associate professor from the Political Science department of Ramjas College, took the discussion on nationalism and nation-state forward.

The second and the third sessions consisted of paper presentations on various topics.

The first session on the second day of the seminar began with a lecture on “Rabindranath Tagore and a critique of Indian nationalism”. The lecture was quite engaging with its critique on the nationalism of sloganeering, and how such nationalism makes the nation state more important than its people. This was followed by a lecture on the topic “Stated absolute, absolute state: Hegel’s philosophy and the cult of the state” by Dr Manish Sharma, associate professor of English and Philosophy, BML Munjal University. The last lecture of the session was on Latin American nationalisms by Professor Vibha Maurya from the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Delhi.

There were several paper presentations in the second session, followed by a discussion on the Syrian migration crisis, the absence and marginalisation of ‘queer’ in literature, and the caste – based reservation system.

“It was an extremely enriching seminar for both the teachers and the students. The idea behind organising such a seminar is to provide students with fresh perspectives and new ideas that go beyond the prescribed syllabus, and yet help their course work as well. All the speakers contributed to this process immensely and we are extremely grateful to them for having delivered such thought – provoking lectures. We would like to continue this tradition in the coming years as well,” said Dr. Yamini, an assistant professor from the Department of English of Dyal Singh College.

Image Credits: The Facebook page of the Department of English, Dyal Singh College (M)

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