Demould: A DU student turns his passion for baking into a profession

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The one thing that is common to all celebrations-big or small is a dessert. And on a mission to sweeten every celebration is Demould – an online bakery started by a D.U student.

Shiv Kumar Madaan, a final year student of Statistics (Hons) at Sri Venkateswara College, started this bakery in October last year. Currently operating on telephonic orders, and through Facebook and Instagram, he shares his vision, “The vision of Demould is to be a part of each and every celebration taking place in India, irrespective of the time, place, and people who’re celebrating.

Talking about the main course, the kind of variety we have pan India is unbelievable. Once upon a time, main course used to be the entire meal, but now we come across 5-course, 6-course and even 7-course meals with the starters being an integral part of every wholesome meal and they hold their own place in a foodie’s diet . A similar niche is being carved out today by desserts,” he adds.

To test-run and create a market for Demould, Madaan had put up stalls at various college fests including Gargi College’s Reverie, LSR’s Tarang, Maitreyi’s Rhapsody, among others.

He adds that he decided to take up baking professionally when he realized that even though he formally studies Statistics and Actuarial Studies, they were not his calling. He is happy being a bako-preneur.

Photo by Yatin Arora
Photo by Yatin Arora

Some of the famous offerings are ChocoSutra Cupcake, Oreo Cupcake, Lemon Tarts, Nutella Pie, Chocolate Truffle Cake etc. Demould also has a wide variety of muffins and Cakar (cake in a jar) as well. Soon, macaroons and other desserts will be added to the menu, with a desi twist. Demould has been increasing its presence at various college events, fests, graduation dinners, corporate events, birthdays etc where he does exquisite event set-ups too.

To order, book or know more, you can check out the facebook page.

Featured Image credits: Mehak Dhawan

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