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Aria, the western music society of Hindu College organises ‘The Evolution of Music’

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Aria – the Western Music Society of Hindu College organised and performed  – “The Evolution of Music” at Kamani Auditorium on 21st March 2016.

The society showcased various genres and traversed through time to showcase the change in voice and instrumentation through decades and centuries. A group 23 members from Aria performed throughout the show. One of the major high point from this show was the recreation of the “Circle of Life’s” scene from Disney’s The Lion King Broadway.  A highlight of the performance was the 10X10 ft. sun rose in front of a red LED backdrop.


One of the key features that the society used for transitions was the LED and the usage of curtain. The LED was a good support showcasing time and the background surrounding that particular time period.  The continuous change in costume kept the stage alive and the structured dances by the singers amazed the audience.

Finally, the upbeat message was left for the audience to “Be Our Guest” which brought in humour and grandeur. Aria’s society members scripted and planned the entire show. The society continues to plan to do more shows in the next academic calendar.

Sidhant R. Seth

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Western Music Singer, Actor, Speaker and Writer. I am an ardent fan for creativity. Loves Broadway and Stage. Enjoys watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Believes in his own coinage,"If it's not perfect, it's a catastrophe."

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