In the memory of Antardhvani, DU to host a Holi bash for students this year

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With Antardhvani not seeing the light of the day this year, the University of Delhi has decided to give its students a colourful surprise, quite literally. Reliable sources have informed us of a refreshing Holi bash being organised by the university authorities to compensate for Antardhvani celebrations that were scrapped this year.

Rumours are doing the rounds that DU is likely to host this gala event at the Polo Ground in North Campus on 24rd. The Holi bash, insiders tell us, is going to be a a starry affair with celebrities such as Yo Yo Honey Singh performing, after his blanket ban imposed by the University was done away  recently.

This rumour is also accompanied by another. Apparently, water supply to DU hostels  will be stopped on the day of the festival, water tanks will instead supply to the main ground  where the glitzy event is scheduled to unfold. Though, as per some claims that arose that only ‘saffron’ colour would be allowed this Holi, the University has strongly denied such claims and has pledged for a ‘secular holi’ with all colours being used for the festivity!

To avoid Holi hooliganism, the organisers have decided to have different playing spots for girls and boys . A member of the organising team told us, “We are concerned about the safety and security of girls, hence we have taken this decision. With stars like Yo Yo performing, people will go berserk. So it is best to take such measures beforehand to avoid any mishaps.” Not so colourful a party after all, eh?

Entry to the celebration will be through valid college ID-cards and it has been made mandatory to wear white ethnic clothes to be able to enjoy the event.

P.S: This entire report was drafted when the reporter had had 5 bhaang ladoos and 2 bhaang thandaais, and is hence a ‘high’-ly credible report!  Happy Diwali !

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated, not believed.

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