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Caucus, Hindu College organises annual discussion fest Vaktavya 2016

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Caucus, the group discussion forum of Hindu College organised Vaktavya 2016 on the 15th and 16th of March. The two day fest commenced with an interactive session with Dr. Suborno Chatterjee on the topic ‘Giving refuge: The Syrian refugee crisis in Europe’ followed by a book discussion on Khaled Hosseini’s renowned novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns.” The discussion, which was moderated by Nemisha Kawatra and Muhammad Daniyal, the President and General Secretary of Caucus respectively, took an interesting trajectory with the plight of women in areas of conflict, artistic freedom and the change from resistance to terrorism being discussed among other things. The first prize at the end of the discussion was awarded to Nimisha Savapandit and the second prize to Mehtab Kamboj. The second day started off with a group discussion on the topic ‘Is objectification of women indispensable in the comic verse?’ moderated by Adya, the Vice President of the society. Asis Mansingh was declared the best speaker at the end of the event. This was followed by the final event of the two-day extravaganza, a screening of a short movie, Little Terrorist. The movie followed the story of a 10 year old Pakistani boy named Jamal who accidentally crosses the border between India and Pakistan and finds an unlikely ally in a Hindu Brahmin named Bhola. As Indian soldiers search the village for the so-called terrorist who crossed the border, Bhola’s family insist that they cannot harbor a Pakistani under their roof as a result of which Jamal’s only hope is the humanity that is shared between people separated by this artificial barrier. The movie was followed by the final group discussion of the event where Shreya Parmar emerged as the winner. Provided by Caucus, The Discussion Forum of Hindu College ]]>

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