Bazinga: DU to not set cutoffs based on board percentage for the year 2016-17

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Delhi University in its ever lasting desire to change the very dynamics of education in our country have made their most drastic announcement since that of the failed FYUP. DU has declared that it will no longer follow the conventional system of undergraduate admissions because it’s no longer possible for them to raise their cutoffs and releasing cutoffs that are the same as that of the previous year’s is simply not the “DU way”.

“It is time for change, since boards won’t stop giving marks to children, the change must come from our side” said a representative of the DU administration. The new process will follow a pattern that is prevalent in most universities abroad; applicants will be required to fill a common online application, write a statement of purpose and show their CVs and certificates from the ninth to the twelfth. After the initial screening a conditional offer will be made and an interview process will take place thereafter.

When questioned about the criteria for selection of students who receive conditional offers the administration simply said that the more a student has to show on his or her CV, the less likely he or she is to be engaged in academics and hence the higher will be his or her requirement from the conditional offer made. “For those students who do other things they can still expect the offer cutoffs to be in the 96.75 to 99.75 range, the rest don’t have to worry they can expect offers at a stable 95 to 96.5 range” said the head of the admissions committee for the upcoming year. Whether or not DU’s latest (and greatest?) change will be a hit will only be decided this summer, till then we hope everyone taking the boards this month doesn’t think too much into this and studies hard nonetheless!

Disclaimer: Bazinga is only to be appreciated and not trusted!


Shraman Ghosh

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Image credits: Paurush Bhardwaj

[email protected] ; Shraman graduated from Modern School Barakhamba Road and is currently pursuing Economics Honours at Hindu College. In addition to writing, Shraman loves reading books and constantly tries to make himself better aware of the world around him. His pastimes include community service and theatre which he actively pursues in college. He hopes to complete his undergrad and do masters in Economics or Finance so that he can try and contribute to our country's economic development and growth. He loves travelling and is a massive foodie as well.

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