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Mecca’16 at Hindu College: Highlights and Events

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Hindu College’s annual college fest Mecca was a grand three-day event that was hosted by the Hindu Parliament from 24th to 26th February, 2016. The fest witnessed participation in different competitions from colleges all across Delhi University. The star nights featured several artists including Dariya, The RaghuDixit Project, DJ Funk, Anish Sood, Dualist Inquiry, and Salim Sulaiman.

Day 1: Inaugration, Battle of Bands, Western Dance Competition, and the RaghuDixit Project

Day 1 of Mecca’16 saw a huge footfall as a large audience had gathered for Battle of Bands and the Western Dance Competition. The day started with the Inaugration ceremony with one of the students performing a ‘Vandana’. The lamp was lighted by Hindu College’s principal Dr. Anju Srivastava and Parliament’s Prime Minister Ashish K Holaria.

The two main events took place in the auditorium. Aria, the Western Music Society conducted Battle of Bands which saw participation from around eight teams. The first prize was bagged by Play time from Hans Raj College and a Mufills, a collaboration of students from different colleges. The Western Dance competition saw a huge amount of participation and the audience thoroughly enjoyed each one of those. The first prize was given to Misba Dance Crew of Guru Gobind Singh College. The runner up was Verve dance crew of Sri Venkateswara College and the third position was given to IIT Delhi.

Aria also conducted Instrumental Solo Competition which started with KNC’s Anshuman Sharma’s performance. The star night featured The RaghuDixit Project, an Indian folk band that formed in Bangalore. Dressed in typical Indian attires, they enticed the audience with several songs, especially from their new album Jag Changa. The crowd immensely enjoyed their performance and even enjoyed the Kannada songs they performed and sung with them together.

Day 2: Rising Standup Comedy Competition, Nukkad Natak competition, Panache, the fashion show competition, and EDM Night featuring Anish Sood and Dualist Inquiry

The second day of Mecca’16 hosted Nukkad Natak competition and Panache, and several other minor competitions. Nukkad Natak competition saw participation from 10 teams with Dramanomics, CVS bagging the first prize and Kshitij, Gargi College, winning the second. Panache was hosted by Nakshatra, the fashion society of Hindu College. Guru Gobind Singh College emerged as the winners.

  Other competitions that took place were Photography Competition, Treasure Hunt, etc. The star night featured DJ Funk, Anish Sood, and Dualist Inquiry who closed the day with some great EDM numbers.

  Day 3: A Capella, Western Music Solo competition, Indian Music Choir competition, Salim Sulaiman Day 3 began with A Capella competition hosted by Aria once again. Several groups came and sang songs in the A Capella format. The winners of the event were The Western Music Society of LSR College. Second and Third positions were held by Gargi College and Kamla Nehru College.

The Western Music Solo was won by Kishore of Amity University. Isha Chakravarthy of Gargi College and Sparsh Vajpayee of LSR won the second and third places respectively. The Indian Choir competition was hosted by Alankar, the Indian Music Society of Hindu College. The winners of the competition were Maitreyi College, with Sri Venkateswara College and LSR winning the second and third positions.

The main event of the day was Salim Sulaiman concert. The duo and their band impressed the audience with their concert renditions of some Bollywood numbers like Aye Khuda, Haule Haule, Ainwayi Ainwayi, etc.

 Mecca’16 in an overview:

Here’s all what Mecca 2016 at LSR was all about.

Individual Highlights of all the days:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Check out DU Bear’s entire album of Mecca here.

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